Thursday, 5 January 2017

What I Got For Christmas

I always normally do a post on what I got for Christmas, I did good this year and got quite a few of my favourite items! It's so late, but I've not had anytime to photo any of the items!

Happy Buddah -  I've wanted a Buddah for ages, but I was told it was bad luck to buy yourself one and they are lucky as gifts. So happy I have one, hopefully he brings me good luck in 2017.

Funko Pops! Christmas isn't complete without a new pop or two. This year was Flounder and Sebastian from " The Little Mermaid " my favourite Disney film. I also received this lovely Ursula Tinkabling  glass, I already have an Ariel one so this matches nicely.

I got the loveliest cosy slipper socks from my best friend, I love these type of slipper socks.

Lush Products - I always get a gift set of some sort at Christmas, I use lush all the time so these always come in handy when I need some me time.. Check out the little sprout, I normally hate sprouts but I love this little one.

Not only did Baylis & Harding send me a huge box of gifts before Christmas, I got too sets from my mom. I normally buy some sets in the sales. This year I don't need to and I loved the slippers set as I needed a new pair.

A new Yankee candle in one of my favourite scents, black coconut! It's smells divine.

Supernatural season 8 is the season I've been missing from my collection, cat wait to start watching the Winchester boys on DVD.

Britney Spears Perfume - ( The private show ) My mom gave me some samples for this earlier in the year and I loved it straight away. I love this little set.

Tinkerbell Pjs ( I believe in fairies) I love these loungewear pjs. Primark are awesome for pjs aren't they.

Nivea mini set, which has gone straight in my handbag, perfect little minis. 

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  1. It's really glad to hear that you receive "Private Show" a Britney Spears Perfume on your Christmas. I must say, that is a great gift for a younger girl's Christmas gift for its sweet notes. Thanks for sharing this post.