Monday, 23 January 2017

The Hyena Hideout Playset From Just Play

Who remembers Disney Lion King? On Disney Junior there is a spin off show called The Lion Guard. Lexie is a huge fan of the show and the original film too. Just Play have just launched a whole range of The Lion Guard toys , so children can play alongside the hit TV Show and recreating the scenes from their favourite episodes.

We received The Hyena Hideout Playset to review and test out. The Hyena hideout is full of adventure, pull down on a branch to lock and close the creepy bone jaw jail. 

Pull on another secret branch to launch the huge boulder to knock enemies from accessing the hideout.

When the boulder collides with the tree, the tree breaks splits on impact. If the boulder rolls in the other direction the teetering rock bridge will collapse and send enemies crashing in to the crocodile pit.

Included is a mini articulated hyena figure to start you off on your The Lion Guard adventure.

RRP - £24.99

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