Monday, 2 January 2017

The Big Blogger Quiz Of The Year 2016-2017

I don't normally join in with blogger link ups, but looking back on my year 2016. It's actually been a pretty good year. We have had a few moments in general and at times it's been tough, but I've made some huge changes.

The lovely Laura over at petitmoi-bigworld tagged me, so here are the questions.

'What Was The Highlight of 2016?'

I'm going to be very selfish and a bit vain with this answer, but my highlight has been nominated for Miss Slinky at my slimming world group. I've been so sad about my weight and 2016 was the year I made progress. Losing weight has helped so much with my anxiety and depression & I feel like a different person.

'Name One Thing You Are Most Likely To Remember About 2016 if Asked in 5 Years?'

One thing in 2016 was sort of expected but I'm still struggling to come to terms with now. Raiden being diagnosed with Autism was a huge blow for me, it's taken so long for him to get diagnosed that when it did, it was like a ton of bricks and an elephant sitting on me. Thankfully now, I know he is getting the extra help he needs at school and people are being tat more patient with him now.

'Sum Up 2016 in One Word'

" Progress" so much has changed for my not only physically but mentally too. My head is in such a Better place than it has been in for a while.

'Name One Pearl of Wisdom from 2016 That You'll Carry With You Through 2017'

Everyday is different, baby steps turn in to bigger steps. Keep going and reach high for them goals. If one day does t go right. Draw a line under it, one bad day shouldn't rule you.

'Do You Have Any New Years Resolutions?'

I never make them as I don't stick to them. Some goals I have put in place are to lose my final 16lbs and to be that little big kinder to myself in 2017.

'How Are You/Did You See(ing) in The New Year?'

Just me at home, I watched a film and fell asleep. I'm so rock and roll.

'What Would You Most Like To Do in 2017?'

I would love to take the kids on a plane
Swim with dolphins
Try pole dancing
Run a colour run
Watch a ballet
Take up yoga
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'What Are Your Main Goals For 2017?'

Keep positive and happy. Enjoy the good days and don't beat myself up on the bad!

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