Monday, 9 January 2017

Keeping Your Home Safe.

Times have changed and it's so easy now to leave your home unsafe. Gone are the times when you could leave your door open and the neighbours just pop in and out as they please.

When trying to keep safety at a minimum and your valuables safe. I've put together a little list of tips that will help you think about keeping safe.

Alarms are great if you can afford one and get it checked regularly, as they can deter burglars if they see one in place.

Rubbish left out on view, can be huge. Especially if you have just got a nice new 60" TV. Burglars will put two and two together and target your home.

Make sure all windows are locked tight before you leave, even safely locks aren't 100%  on keeping people out. They are good as extra security though.

If you are leaving bikes, scooters etc outside on your property. Invest in a good bike lock to keep them safe. I know sometimes it's very hard to find places in the home for such big items. Bike locks are really cheap and they will keep it safe.

Safes and key cupboards are so handy to have for personal belongings and keys that you need to keep safe. Fast keys uk Have some great examples of products to keep your items of value locked tight.  ‬

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