Thursday, 8 December 2016

Slimming World Update, Primula Cheese & Weigh Loss Treat.

I posted back in October, when I hit my 2 stone award. I've been having some real good losses lately ( I put on over half term). I was a bit disappointed as I knew I had made better choices, but I managed to lose what I had put on and more the week after.  

 When I started slimming world, my main target was for me to be 3 stone lighter this Christmas. I hit my 2.5 stone award and I've really been working hard to get that 3 stone. My target is 3 stone & 1.5 pounds, but I've decided to actually drop my target down another 7lbs when I reach it. I feel I would be able to lose another stone at least and still probably want more off too. My sizes are getting smaller and I've gone from size 22 to a 16. I'm feeling so much better for it! I got nominated for Miss Slinky at my group too this year, I'm shocked that anyone would find me an inspiration. I didn't win but it was so lovely for people to have nominated me.

One thing I always have in the fridge is soft cheese. It's so easy to use and a perfect healthy extra. It's easy to use on omelettes with a bit of ham. 

In a lasagna as the white sauce or even on some Ryvita crackers. The Primula  Light Cheese, you can have 75g as your HEA ( that's half a tube) . 

The whole range is pretty good as syn value too if you wanted to try the different flavours. I always make sure there is one lurking around in the fridge!

Rush Hair in Birmingham had a Christmas event last month and I was unable to go as Rush Trampoline Park also had their open night ( a tad ironic ). I was asked to attend on Wednesday and have a cut and blow dry. I'm really fussy about my hair and my current hairdresser is the only one I normally trust. She is currently on maternity leave and I didn't book in before she left. So my hair has been untreated for around 4 and a half months. As a mum of two, I do try and have my hair cut three times a year, but it doesn't always happen. Normally something crops up just before a hair cut is due, so this was a lovely treat for all my weight loss hard work.

Rush Hair Birmingham is in the city centre and is a very modern salon. Inside it's very roomy, nice and spread. The wash sinks have dimmed lights where you can relax and have your hair washed. Liam was fantastic with the whole wash and cut. I've actually never had a man cut my hair before, thinking about it that's quite weird at the old age of 33 isn't it!

I forgot to take a before picture but this is the after, my hair looks so different and bouncy! I love it that's Liam and Rush Hair Birmingham!

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