Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Tyrell's New flavours & Will My Megashake Bring All My Boys To The Yard..??

One of my things to look at are all the amazing Freak/Mega Shakes on Instagram. More is defiantly better when it comes to serving them up. With giant slabs of cake & doughnuts. Cafe Opus in the Ikon gallery hosted the Great British Shake Off and invited me to come and make my own! Check out all the ingredients they provided. All the bloggers needed to do is create a menu-worth shake, and the winning drink will actually be on sold the menu.

Sadly I wasn't a winner ( I had some tough competition) but I had so much fun creating my " Minty Surprise "

I used a bit of toffee sauce and popping candy for around the glass.  It was layered with vanilla ice cream & chocolate milk, with toffee and chocolate sauce going around the glass. A splash of mint syrup and popping candy!

Topped with lots of cream, a cookie, Oreos,  ice cream sweet, blue candy floss and Reece's pieces. None actually touched my lips as you all know I'm on slimming world and I lost count of how many syns that contained while I was making it.

Opus Restaurant has a great lunchtime meal for two courses for £20, which is a great saving as the steak is £18 by itself.

I will never denial that I'm a huge crisp fan, I can literally eat on eBay after another whoops! Normally I would go for the sea salt and black pepper flavour if I was picking up a bag of Tyrell's .I was really excited when I got sent some of the brand new flavours to try out.

Tyrrells compliments its classics with two new seasonal flavours, perfect for Christmas parties or even get togethers.

Alongside its much loved classics such as the ever-popular Tyrrells Mixed Root Vegetable Crisps range, Tyrrells is rolling out two new down-right delicious seasonal snacks – the very merry Three Bird Roast crisps and the rather ravishing Bellini Poshcorn.

Three Bird Roast

Seasoned to perfection, Tyrrells is giving traditional roast turkey a splendiferous twist, with the traditional Christmas trio of roast chicken, duck and turkey brought to life on a characterfully curly Tyrrells crisp. Avoid  ‘foul-tempers’ at Christmas and fill up your bowls with this entertaining sharing-sized pack!

Hand-cooked in small batches, using locally-grown Herefordshire potatoes, Tyrrells Three Bird Roast is available from Waitrose, Ocado and quality independents nationwide, RRP of £2.19.

Bellini Poshcorn

It’s Tyrrells Poshcorn Cocktail hour! Put the glamour into Christmas with this fun, frivolous and ever so slightly fizzy cocktail delight from the popconnoiseurs at Tyrrells. Available in generous sharing sized 75g packs, Bellini Poshcorn is carefully popped <image006.png>in small batches at Tyrrells Court Farm using gold standard kernels, Tyrrells Bellini Poshcorn is available from COOP, Ocado and Independents nationwide with and RRP of £1.59

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