Sunday, 6 November 2016

Pottery Cool Review

I'm going to start off with cover the work surface with a wipe down cover before you start, we didn't and it took me ages to scrub the clay off the table. Total rookie move!

In the pottery wheel box included is the pottery wheel ( it takes 4 C batteries which aren't included).
Four sealed already rolled out clay discs.
10 paint pots.
1 Spray Bottle
1 Tool Holder
1 Paint Brush
2 Sculpting Tools
2 Coring Tools
2 Cores
2 Sleeves
1 Instruction Guide

To start off you unwrap the disc with the clay, mold it over one of the cores either a cone or a circle shape. Folding the clay over it you spray and mold in to the shape you are going for.

The kids had so much fun making and creating there own pots. Spinning the clay on the cores, spraying with the water and sloshing with their hands smoothing the clay. The kids spent ages just spinning the clay around, molding the clay making the pencil holders. 

They both really enjoyed this more than creating the items. The pottery cool is very easy and simple to use, it says from 6+ but my 5 year old managed to make an item with some help and thought it was fantastic. Everything is included to make up to 6 items with the four packs of clay included. You can also buy the extra discs of clay separately to make more creations. You don't have to make what's in the Instruction guide, your imagination is your oyster.

Both kids made a cupcake pencil holder.

RRP - £34.99

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