Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Bright Horizon’s Family Cookbook Review.

Lexie loves to help out in the kitchen, she is actually getting very good in the kitchen. She loves to peel and cut things and get all the cutlery ready when it's teatime. I am starting to let her help out more with little tasks. I think it's important to let them help if you have simple tasks to do in the kitchen.

We got sent Bright Horizon’s family cook book & doodle apron to get us started. Floral Place nursery in Islington has been using this fabulous cookbook already with the children, child care in islington

After Lexie had jazzed up her doodle apron, we decided on making something that I knew that we could add on as a side for dinner.

Carrot & Apple Salad


960g fresh carrots
960g fresh apples
144g sultanas
20ml lemon juice

Start by washing the carrots and apples to make sure they are clean. Peel the carrots, then grate in to long strands.

Next core the apples and chop them in to 1 centimetre dices, then dip the pieces in to the lemon juice to stop them going brown. Then put to one side.

Mix the carrot, apples & sultanas together and chill before serving.

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