Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Autism - Gotham - Robin Lord Taylor - Heroes & Villains Fan Fest 2017

This post has been drafted for a while, I was really unsure to post it or not. After being at Birmingham Comic Con the weekend and seeing both adults and children dress up and expressing all there favourite films & TV shows it really hit home. Back earlier in the year I got a comment on my personal Facebook page about Raiden waiting for the new season of Gotham which got me thinking. Me and Raiden have watched the series from the day it started, he was actually the one that stumbled across it and asked me to watch it with him. I'm not familiar with the whole Batman superhero vibe in all honestly, I am the biggest un-geek you will ever meet!

He generally isn't interested in many TV shows or cartoons, with now the days of YouTube it's all rather spare. Gotham has got slightly more serious and gruesome as the series have gone on, but what different does it have to something like Tom & Jerry ( knives and axes) or The Simpsons ( Itchy & strachy ).

Raiden has been hooked from series 1, he loves looking for new clues of new characters. Figuring out who is who. Oswald Cobblepot played by Robin Lord Taylor captured Raiden's attention back in season 1. He is Raiden's favourite character of all time. He liked it better when he played alongside Fish, back in the start of the series, but he loves the connection Oswald has with his Mom.

Raiden is autistic, he will always be. It's something he won't grow out off and something he will deal for the rest of he's life, but how has Gotham helped?? I know if Raiden is having a bad day I can switch Gotham on and within 45 minutes, he is calm and collective. He favourite part of the week is when me and him sit down with no interruptions to watch his favourite show.

I'm hoping to get Raiden to London in 2017 to meet his idol and to sign his Oswald Cobblepot Funko pop! I haven't told him yet as he will get far to excited but If you are in the que and see a boy twirling and possibly being slightly too loud, it will be him trying to contain his excitement. Now to plan and save for next year!! 

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