Friday, 11 November 2016

Are You Britain’s Most Fruitful Family Share & Win £1000 Vouchers!!

Nature’s Finest is looking for Britain’s most fruitful family with a fabulous new competition. You could win £1000 Sainsbury's vouchers, perfect for splashing out this Christmas.

They are inviting people to share their life hacks, tips and tricks which help utilise family time and make life a little easier.

I'm going to share with you a few tips I use to save time and try and get my slightly ahead everyday.

School Uniforms, Bags & Lunch boxes.

I always do these the night before. When I'm putting the clean washing away I normally add the kids socks and underwear on the hanger. So when it comes to the night and I get the kids to get their uniform to hang by their school it's already ready. The bags are packed and lunch boxes are waiting in the fridge. I know when I got up late in the past this has been such a help, as we was literally wash, dressed, breakfast & go.

Slow Cooker

I use my slow cooker twice a week, I love just adding everything in a pot and it be down at 5pm without and messing around. It saves so much time & washing up.

Meal Planning

It's so cost effective and saves so much time. We hardly have any waste now, since I've been meal planning we have been eating so much better and a lot less takeaways. When it comes to the end of the week, we do a fruit & salad bowl to use up the last of it before we go shopping again. It's also handy having a guinea pig now too as he's quite happy to eat away too.

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