Sunday, 27 November 2016

Rush Birmingham Trampoline Park.

I was so excited when we found out a trampoline park, was opening a stone throw away. I know there is a few parks around, one the other side of town and a few outside, but as we relay on public transport we haven't got around to testing any out. Rush Birmingham invited us to their launch night on Thursday and boy wasn't we excited. I didn't tell the kids till I picked them up from school on Thursday and in all honestly I don't think they understood where or what we was going to be doing.

So we headed down all excited, upon arriving we had to full out waivers and get signed in. I was told you can actually do all this before you arrive, though the Rush website. We picked up our very orange rush socks and got a quick drink.

The mayor of Birmingham opened the park officially, and off we set. There was a selection of special guests thought out the night and Rush really pulled out all the stops with the launch night.

BMX Pro Ryan Taylor, GB tumbling team, Pussycat cheerleaders, Olympic swimmer Jazz Carlin, top gymnasts Amy Tinkler, Brinn Bevan and world champion diver Blake Aldridge.

So packed with so much to do and over 30,000 square feet of trampolining space. From the ninja warrior and Total Wipeout course. I double dare you to try it. I was watching some of the stronger lads trying to do it on Thursday and it looked really hard.

So along with just standard trampoline space and walls there are tumble lanes, basketball courts, trapeze area, a duel battle beam area and foam pits to enjoy. It is packed with so much for you and the kids to do. Raiden was absolutely thrilled with the park and has already asked for his 10th birthday party to be there in February.

The staff was really helpful if you had any questions and was full of trampolining advice too. I think Rush Birmingham is going to be a huge part of Birmingham now, so much fun for all ages. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Autism - Gotham - Robin Lord Taylor - Heroes & Villains Fan Fest 2017

This post has been drafted for a while, I was really unsure to post it or not. After being at Birmingham Comic Con the weekend and seeing both adults and children dress up and expressing all there favourite films & TV shows it really hit home. Back earlier in the year I got a comment on my personal Facebook page about Raiden waiting for the new season of Gotham which got me thinking. Me and Raiden have watched the series from the day it started, he was actually the one that stumbled across it and asked me to watch it with him. I'm not familiar with the whole Batman superhero vibe in all honestly, I am the biggest un-geek you will ever meet!

He generally isn't interested in many TV shows or cartoons, with now the days of YouTube it's all rather spare. Gotham has got slightly more serious and gruesome as the series have gone on, but what different does it have to something like Tom & Jerry ( knives and axes) or The Simpsons ( Itchy & strachy ).

Raiden has been hooked from series 1, he loves looking for new clues of new characters. Figuring out who is who. Oswald Cobblepot played by Robin Lord Taylor captured Raiden's attention back in season 1. He is Raiden's favourite character of all time. He liked it better when he played alongside Fish, back in the start of the series, but he loves the connection Oswald has with his Mom.

Raiden is autistic, he will always be. It's something he won't grow out off and something he will deal for the rest of he's life, but how has Gotham helped?? I know if Raiden is having a bad day I can switch Gotham on and within 45 minutes, he is calm and collective. He favourite part of the week is when me and him sit down with no interruptions to watch his favourite show.

I'm hoping to get Raiden to London in 2017 to meet his idol and to sign his Oswald Cobblepot Funko pop! I haven't told him yet as he will get far to excited but If you are in the que and see a boy twirling and possibly being slightly too loud, it will be him trying to contain his excitement. Now to plan and save for next year!! 

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Birmingham MCM Comic Con November 2016

So today I went to my first Comic Con, not too sure what to expect. No kids, just me. I want to thank Birmingham Comic Con for the press pass for the day. I didn't dress up, I'm the type that likes to blend in, but I was blown away by all the amazing outfits. I kept it simple with my Princess peach vans & a toy story t-shirt.

There was so many people dressed up, so many cosplayers and everyone was so friendly. Here are a few of the pictures I took, with some of my favourites. There was so many different styles and it was amazing to see.

MCM Comic Con is very child friendly with Face painting, Lightsaber training and your very own treasure hunt, collecting a card and stickers to receive your own special cape on your way around. There was also a lovely reading/ kids corner which is great if you needed to just sit and take five minutes out from all the fun. 

There was so many stalls with a host of different merchandise on From figures to Funko pops. Candy to paintings & keyrings to Jewellery. Something for the geek in you.

MCM Birmingham Comic Con gives you the chance to meet stars from both Big and Small screens along games experts and voice artists. The choice of stars this year and pictures was really good, the que's to meet them didn't seem to bad either.

The MCM Comic Con main stage is where all of the guests take part in talks, with lot of demos going on up and down the hall there is so much to see and do. The slam wresting was much fun and bought back memories of watching the wrestling when I was younger.

Staypuft invaded the show, i think this might of been the same statue which was down in London station not that long ago??

the Alien display was my favourite part of it all, the display was amazing.

After lots of shopping, maybe a rest on the Iron Throne??

 So MCM Comic Con travels up and down the country throughout the year, providing opportunities for both guests to meet there idols or to dress up and make friends and memories. I'm definitely going to take the kids with me next year!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide Part 1

I can't believe I'm writing part 1 of my gift guide up already, it doesn't seem like a year has past since I did my last one. As normal my gift guides contain items that I've been sent, bought or I just think are pretty cool and wanted to include. I have some amazing items this year to show you all and I hope that some will make great Christmas presents.  Or even give you a few ideas for presents for your family & friends.

I'm going to start of the gift guide with the fabulous Burt's Bees.  They have a huge Christmas range out at the moment with prices starting from just £5.99. With perfect sets or little stocking fillers, they are very purse friendly this season.

This set is so amazing cute. The Burt's Classics Pomegranate Gift Set, doubles up as tree hanging decoration. Its also reusable so you can use it year after year. Inside contains a hand salve & replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil to keep you lips super soft. This is definitely something that you should have hanging on your tree this year.

RRP £6.99

The duo gift sets from Burt's bees is a must for every stocking this year. The double pack comes in four scents, beeswax, vanilla bean, pomegranate & pear/coconut. With a classic lip balm included and either a hand salve or cuticle creme. You are sure to have winter covered this year.

RRP £5.99

House Of Fraser have the most amazing Christmas decorations. There is so much choice online this year. We have so many Christmas tree decorations that I wanted something totally different this year to add to my decorations.

The Linea Gold Nutcracker Candle comes in two colours gold and silver. It's absolutely stunning and I think I may go and purchase the one is silver as well. I haven't got anything that has the traditional nutcracker on so this will look amazing on the mantelpiece this year. Such a fun feature but traditional and classic with a touch of gold.

RRP £15

After having to bin my last reindeer as he ended up with three legs last year. I was very excited to received the Linea small glitter reindeer ornament. This is great as a table decoration or just a decoration to bling up the home ready for Christmas. The glitter is amazing and the reindeer is covered from head to toe. The figure is very lightweight and just adds a hint of contemporary glamour. This figure also comes in a larger size if you wanted to pair them up.

RRP £15

Baylis & Harding gift sets are my favourite thing. I'm always get a set from my mom every Christmas as she knows she can never go wrong. Baylis and Harding always do eye catching sets with amazing sets. Vanilla frosting smells almost too good to eat.

The Baylis & Harding Jojoba, Silk & Almond Oil Small Star Tin Gift Set is a perfect present, comes packed with products and a reusable tin.  This Baylis & Harding set contains 300ml body wash, 130ml hand lotion and 130ml shower crème with scent of jojoba, silk and almond oil.

RRP £18

Baylis & Harding's Beauticology toy Solider Cosy Night In Gift Set. Do you know a love done that needs a bit of pampering then this is the set for you.  The set contains  100ml Strawberry Candy Cane Body Wash 50ml Vanilla Frosting Hand & Body Lotion, Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cover in red & white stripes with soldier motif ( hot water bottle not included) perfect for cosy nights in.

RRP £15

I had to mention the Baylis & Harding crackers as I think they are amazing. You get four crackers which include Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit 2 x 30ml Body Wash and 2 x 30ml Body Lotion. These are on top of my Christmas list!

RRP £10

I managed to pick up a fabulous Beyond Candles from the NEC festive fair this weekend. I met Bart the creator which individually hand makes every candle. With hours of work having gone into the making of each one. The selection of colours is amazing, the candles themselves are full of colour and very unique. The candle has numerous wicks which have a burn time of 12 hours. ( it's so pretty that I don't think I'm going to burn it). Each candle comes in at approximately 31cm tall (12”) is crescent shaped, with a diameter of approximately 12cm (4.75”) and is around 5mm thick.

If you are looking for something that is unique for a candle loving friend, this is definitely the item for you. With so many colours to choose from it will be hard to pick.

RRP £13

Have a budding writer on your Christmas list these Pencil Pets puppies from interplay are great for creative fun. Inside the box includes two pencils and two Pencil Pets pencil toppers to make. Pencil Pets have interchangeable eraser body parts and loads of accessories to let you create a unique character for your pencil toppers, fun stickers to choose from to create a fun character.

The Pencil Pets Puppies range has 2 different colour combinations to choose from & also come in Kitten craft kits too for the cat lovers. All the contents are child-safe and the pencils are recycled. Endless, not messy creative fun!

RRP- £4.99

Monday, 14 November 2016

Jacamo Wishlist Christmas Gift Guide.

Do you always struggle to find something for Christmas for the men in you're life? I have put together a Wishlist post from Jacamo they also have a great gift finder on site too if you just fancy a browse. 

I'm going to start off with a few novelty items. I love this showman jumper, everyone needs a to have a Christmas jumper in their wardrobe. This bulldog with Christmas hat t-shirt is also a great addition if you don't like a jumper but want to get in to the Christmas spirit.

Check out this Fenchurch Parka Coat . I absolutely love the bottle green colour and the fluffy hood. Perfect for keeping warm this Christmas.

Or maybe you are just after some traditional stocking fillers. A pair of slippers are always a great present, these batman ones are great for a geeky present. This tan wrangler belt is a great addition to any wardrobe, or maybe a three pack of socks these stripy ones are really cool.

Have a chocolate fan on your list this chocolate covered controller is perfect for a little treat on Christmas Day. The last thing on my list is this armchair pug organizer it's great for keeping everything at hand while you are tucking in to your favourite TV show or film.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Japan Candy Box Review & Giveaway!!

We was delighted to be able to work with Japan Candy Box again. The kids loved the box last time and they enjoyed testing out the sweets. They was very excited to be tasting sweets from another country. 

Japan Candy box is a subscription box which delivers between 8-10 Japanese candy and snacks every month for $18.20. ( which works out just over £12). We was thrilled with the selection for this month and we all have our favourites. Some of the sweets and snacks you can make out by the pictures what they are but as the writing is in Japanese it's literally a surprise every time.

I love how you get a mixture of different items from baked snacks to hard & soft candy.  The packets are so bright, cheery and colourful and they beat hands down on design. The UK sweet packets are quite boring compared to these.

Octobers Selection

Kracie Nyoki Nyoki Kororon DIY Candy Kit

This very cute crazy kit contains everything you need to make your own 100% edible candy in yummy grape, orange and melon flavours! . You mix your first powder sachet with water to create a 'paste' and then you place the little tray with holes over it and push down very gently. Now it's the fun bit! Take your three flavoured powder sachets and empty each packet into the separate sections of the pink tray and push down as hard you you can; watch your candy double in size. You can do this many times until the powder disappears, just give your tray a little shake to loosen the "Extruding Candy" and start pushing again.

Rilakkuma Cookie Sticks

We loved these sweet little cookie sticks, I actually saved a few to add in to the kids lunch boxes as a little treat.

Bourbon Chocolate Anpan Bread Cookies

These was my favourite, little soft bread balls with a nutty chocolate spread inside. Mmmm

Kabaya Shuwabo Garritto Candy

A long tube of chewy candy with sour powder hidden inside and chewy candy with grape taste on the outside.

Kabaya Shaka Shaka Gummy

We loved these little gemstone sweets, that come in four flavours. Grape , lemon, cola and ramune (Japanese soda). There is a sachet inside containing special powder to add extra fizz to the gemstone, pour in and shake so they cover the sweets.

Marukawa Halloween Gum

My sons favourite fresh ramune soda flavoured Gum that turns your mouth red and brown/black.

Puccho Chewy Soda Candy - Strawberry

A chewy sweet that lasts for ages with a yummy strawberry flavour.

Coris Whistle Soda Candy

Hard Candy which teams up as a whistle too, perfect for little ones.

Meigum Candy Apple Soft Candy

Hard shells with soft centres with an apple flavour.

Marukawa Hello Kitty Gum

Little balls of flavoured gum, with Hello kitty branding.

We loved the Japan Candy Box this month. We have teamed together for another giveaway so you can try Japan Candy Box yourself.

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