Wednesday, 5 October 2016

U Hugs Dolls Season 2 Review.

It's very rare that we receive something to review which me or Lexie have never heard of before. Lexie watches a lot of toy videos on YouTube and was very excited when we received the U Hugs Dolls from Flair to review. 

There is six different characters to collect – Sweety Robot, Time Off Elf, Snowy Girl, Thorny Flower, Lazy Hero, Cheeky Kitten!

U Hugs are customisable dolls that come with interchangeable accessories, collect them all and share the accessories on the different dolls, mix and match to create different styles. You can create different looks, moods and unique attitudes. Show your creative personally with the different designs with U Hugs. The dolls themselves are like hard foam with 16 holes on to add the pin accessories, the pins are easy to slot in and Lexie had no trouble swapping and changing them. 

There is a cute little secret compartment at the back where you can store them safely, so they don't get misplaced or lost. The pins are unique with various finishes and each doll features a diamond pin on the top of their head as a unique symbol of the U Hugs family. They also have a hook on their head to hang up your doll. Each U Hugs doll comes with shoes featuring fashionable designs which you can flip round to create a new style.

Use the pins, eyes, mouths, wigs, clothes and shoes to personalise your doll. Each doll has their own style and the pins are interchangeable between dolls, so children can create their own unique doll too!

You can now buy additional pin packs too so you have more style to pick from.

RRP- £14.99 Available in all major toy stores.

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