Sunday, 23 October 2016

Slimming World Update & A Low Syn Milkshake!

I've been very excited to finally write this post on my progress, it seems to have taken forever, but I've finally lost 2 stone!!! Whoooop! The past 6 weeks I've had really good weeks with either a loss or 1 maintain. 

I was stuck for a bit and up and down like a yo-yo after a chat with my slimming world consultant, we decided on some SAS sheets ( Slimmers Against Sabotage). These sheets I had to fill in everyday wth my drinks and foods and it actually picked up that I wasn't synning my butter. So if I was using all of my syns, I wasn't counting the 2-4 syns which would put me over. Since then I've had very good weight losses. I managed to nab my 2 stone award, my gold body magic and my first slimmer of the week.

One think I miss on Slimming world is a smoothie, so I've been experimenting in the kitchen with a low syn version. Smoothies on Slimming world are generally a no, no as drinking fluid isn't the same as eating and breaking it down yourself. Even though the goodness is still there, it doesn't keep you full for as long as eating the fruits one by one.

Ive come up with a 2 syn recipe that actually tastes pretty good, even the kids are jumping on the bandwagon.

1 Vanilla muller light
1 highlights chocolate packet ( 1.5 syns)
100ml milk from your healthy A
Two tsp of fromage Frais

Mix the muller light, highlights, milk & ice whisk in a fabulous juicer, check out juicers by Panasonic . Add the fromage frais & serve with a thick straw.

Perfect refreshing drink!

The new fabulous juicer to make healthy and delicious fresh drinks and frozen desserts from Panasonic is Compact, quiet and easy to handle and if you are partial to a morning orange juice or two it features stainless steel screw rotates to extract maximum juice all the while retaining important vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants.

I've also being testing out the Acai Berry Slimming Patch which can be worn for up to 24 hours to help suppress your appetite and speed up your metabolism. I've felt lest snacky since wearing the patches. You stick one on and leave it on for 24 hours.

The little acai berry is native to Southern America and is well-documented for its health benefits, including its slimming potential. Vie Acai Berry Slimming Patches use transdermal technology to deliver the natural active ingredients into the bloodstream through the skin over 24 hours. Vie Acai Berry Slimming Patches are 100% natural with no known side effects, and can be purchased from £19.00 (one month’s supply), online from So far with slimming world combined ive lost 3 lbs just the kick start I need. Hopefully I get get to my 3 stone weight loss before Christmas. Nine more weigh in's to go and a total of 12.5lbs.

* Collaboration with Panasonic*

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  1. I am starting Slimmingworld so wish me luck haha!! Your progress is amazing!!! I am interested in trying the slimming patch too looks fab!!!