Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Frozen Milkshake Maker Review

We previously had the slushy maker chillimaker and it's always been a firm favourite and used years on still. We got sent a milkshake maker to review and Raiden was delighted. 

You have to freeze the cup for around 4-8 hours beforehand. So its best to use them refreeze so its all ready for the next time. 

The concept is easy literally a frozen milkshake in minutes, as long as the cup is pre-frozen, it does what it says on the box. 

The pack has a silicone outer cup, a freeze pack that goes inside the cup, a lid that screws on then the top that you can screw on and off and a handle to spin to make the milkshake. It seems the product has had a bit of a facelift as the cup is wider and the handle feature makes it so easy to use. 

You fill the cup with milk, we added some choc shot syrup in the cup too. You could add any fruit juice or syrups to add flavour. Some fresh raspberries would work really well I think. Place the lid then spin the handle for a minute and a half. 

Don't overfill as it will just all spill out when you twist it then when you open the lid it spatters everywhere. Within minutes you have a thick, foamy frozen milkshake suited toy your own taste. Yo can choose your own healthy flavours without additives and sugar.

RRP- £9.99

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