Friday, 28 October 2016

What Lexie Wore - Unicorn Jumper Dress.

It's been a while since I updated you with a post on what Lexie has been wearing. I've been topping up her winter wardrobe so hopefully I will be back on track with some lovely new posts.

Everyone knows Lexie is rather girly and she loves anything that is pink. One of my Facebook friends is so good at making clothes, when Lexie was smaller I got some stunning handmade dresses from her. She has rebranded now and is making some unique and stunning pieces.

Please go and give her Facebook page a like & check out her esty shop.

I bought a lovely unicorn jumper dress, it looks great paired with some tights. Then when she grows slightly taller because it's quite baggy fit it will team up as a more fitted jumper. It really suits Lexie's style and she is a huge pony/unicorn fan. We have already had so many complements when she has worn it out and about.

Sew Crafty Designs is super talented and if you have any ideas at all you would like created her favourite thing is to make people's ideas come to life.

Check out the new lot of funky prints that are available in the shop now

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

BRICKLIVE at Birmingham’s NEC

BRICKLIVE is at Birmingham’s NEC till this Sunday 30th November, so if you are looking for something spooktacular to polish off half term this week. Then this is the place for you.

We have just got back from a full filled, Lego-tasic day. I've saw the Bricklive pop up before my my newsfeed and always wanted to go, so I was so happy when we got an invite to attend this year.

The show is amazing so much detail, in all the sets and some pretty cool stalls to browse.

 We loved all the different coloured Lego pits which was dotted around the show, there was different colours where the kids could just sit in and build. It was pretty good to be able to sit and rest too after walking around. All the kids walking around bare foot in the Lego, had me slightly cringing though! 

From the graffiti wall, to your very own Lego friends dancing lessons. There is a packed fun filled day of entertainment included.

Enjoy LEGO as an art form in the #BRICKLIVE Gallery sponsored by START, with extraordinary 3D sculptures of famous faces and mosaics never seen in the UK before designed to inspire any builder. These was amazing and they really do blow you away, they must of taken ages to build and construct.

Help build a massive pumpkin in the pumpkin patch,cant wait to see this finished.

BRICKLIVE Stage with special guests including professional LEGObuilders, gaming demonstrations. Raiden has now put Lego Worlds on his wishlist for Christmas too.

For the kids there is a Scooby Doo hunt where you have to find the letter stars which are placed around the arena to make up a word. 

You also had the chance to collect and swap Lego cards to redeem for a special green arrow figure. We didn't manage to get them up as we struggled with Raiden and his autism waiting in some queues because it got rather busy. If we went back again, I would plan this a bit better. So we will be hitting the busier parts first to collect the cards we needed too. 

We loved Birmingham city in this, check out the fantastic Bullring.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

4 Films To Watch With Your Kids This Halloween

As we are in full swing of half term, it's my favorite holiday thought out the year. We love to do a massive cooking session to prepare for a movie night. Eyeball cupcakes, body part jelly, witches fingers & pumpkin! We absolutely love Tom & Jerry and I remember watching them when I was younger. So here are my top 4 films to watch with the kids this Halloween.

Tom & Jerry - Trick Or Treats
Collection of 20 spooky episodes from the Hanna-Barbera animated cartoon series following cat and mouse rivals, Tom and Jerry. The mischievous pair continue trying to outwit one another in this selection of adventures in which they encounter witches, werewolves, mummies and ghosts. The episodes are: 'More Powers to You', 'Over the River and Boo! The Woods', 'Fire Breathing Tom Cat', 'Touché Pussycat!', 'The Flying Sorceress', 'Tiger Cat', 'Robin Hoodwinked', 'Jerry's Cousin', 'Invasion of the Body Slammers', 'Haunted Mouse', 'Trap Happy', 'Spook House Mouse', 'Bats What I Like About the South', 'Fraidy Cat Scat', 'Which Witch', 'Monster Con', 'Tomb It May Concern', 'Power Tom', 'The Itch' and 'Hi, Robot'.

Tom & Jerry  - Halloween Hijinks and Shrieks
Tom and Jerry star in a collection of seven spooky cartoons. Episodes are: 'Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?', 'The Flying Cat', 'The Missing Mouse', 'Two Little Indians', 'Touche, Pussy Cat!', 'The Flying Sorceress' and 'The Haunted Mouse'.

Tom & Jerry -  Magical Misadventures
Seven magical episodes from the children's animation featuring cat and mouse rivals Tom and Jerry. The episodes are: 'Switchin' Kitten', 'Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?', 'Haunted Mouse', 'Of Feline Bondage', 'Medieval Menace', 'Abracadumb' and 'Snow Brawl'.

Bugs Bunny - Howl-Oween Special
Halloween special of the children's animated show following Bugs Bunny (voice of Mel Blanc), who is constantly in conflict with an array of characters. Bugs Bunny is joined by other 'Looney Tunes' favourites Tweety Bird, Sylvester, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales, all of whom are also voiced by Blanc.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Top Tips To Kick The Flu Season.

I hate this type of weather, you leave with a huge coat then it brightens up or you have a lighter coat and it rains. With the cold and flu season kicking in, leading media medic, Dr Dawn Harper, in conjunction with ColdZyme which fights the cause of the common cold, have compiled a few tips to keep them nasty colds and flu germs at bay! I've been suffering with flu type symptoms for a few weeks now and I can't seem to shift them.

Dr Harper’s Top Tips

* Wash down surfaces and door handles – the viruses that cause colds can survive for several hours outside the human body. Wash your hands regularly – contrary to popular belief, most coughs and colds are spread by hand contact not by coughs and sneezes, so simply keeping your hands clean will go a long way to protecting yourself.
* Eat a well-balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables to keep your immune system in good shape. Vitamin C and zinc are vital for a healthy immune system. Zinc is found in red meat, beans and fortified cereals, whilst foods rich in vitamin C include fruits such as oranges and strawberries and vegetables such as peppers, kale and broccoli.
* Make sure you get into a good sleep routine. When we sleep our immune system repairs itself, so chronic sleep deprivation can make you prone to infections.
* Manage your stress levels. Try to prioritise and delegate where possible as stress can play havoc with your immune system.
* Consider using anti-viral tissues and keep them in your bag or on your desk if those around you have a cold to minimise the spread of the virus and make sure that tissues are put straight in the bin.
* Use ColdZyme, a revolutionary mouth spray which targets the cause of the common cold and is clinically documented to help reduce the duration of a cold.

Or boost your immune system with the fabulous Bio-Strath® Herbal Elixir. It is one of the industry’s best-selling natural products for immune health, fatigue and recovery from illness, including flu and cold symptoms with over 35 years of research behind it.

Using a special fermentation process called plasmolysis, live active Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells are cultivated on a selection of wild herbs and burst open to release their valuable, nutritionally vital substances.

This process and the resulting yeast complex, helps the body to better absorb nutrients from food, the effects of which have been documented in numerous research papers.

Most significantly Bio-Strath® has been shown to help with tiredness, help strengthen resistance and immunity, and help speed up the recovery time from colds, flu and other similar illnesses.

Bio-Strath® retails at £9.49 for 100ml and is available from independent health stores and pharmacies, and online from

Monday, 24 October 2016

Trolls Poppy Dress Up Wig & Hug Time Watch Review

On Friday the kids had a teachers training day so we ventured out to watch Trolls. I must admit it was in my top 3 films this year I was really looking forward to watching it. Trolls was huge when I was going up in school and I had one in every size and hair colour. The main thing about trolls was the whacky coloured hair, it was always great to style and play with.

To celebrate the release of Trolls the Movie, Just Play has launched a range of hair play and dress up toys based on the hairy characters. We received the lovely Poppy, dress up wig & the hug time watch which is featured in the film.

The Poppy dress up wig is fantastic, it's all about the huge hair. The wig comes with Poppy's flower hair band, side fringe and it's just made to look the exact same as Poppy has in the film. Lexie loved pretending to be Poppy for the afternoon. It's a great item to have in the dressing up box creating role play.

Another item from the film is the the hug time bracelet which is activated every hour where the trolls give each other a hug. The bracelet has fun features with lights nad sounds, including the IT'S HUG TIME" phrase at the press of a button! The detail on the watch is amazing and looks just like Poppy's from the film. I love the little cheery cloud on the strap. The strap is also Velcro so it's easy to get on and off.

The wig is RRP - £12.99 & Hug time bracelet is £9.99 and are both available from Argos.