Saturday, 17 September 2016

IDO3D Vertical Design Studio From Flair

We had the chance to review the IDO3D Vertical Design Studio From Flair. I'm finding it very hard to get Raiden off his tablet to do anything lately, he seems to want to shy away and hide in his own little bubble. He is so creative himself but just needs that boost at times to get him motivated. 

So in the pack you get some 3D templates, which are great for getting the pieces you want very accurate. 

With the four coloured glue pens you can start to creative your 3D designs.

Draw, set and connect using the vertical spotlight included, which dries the creations before you glue the pieces together. You can even draw in the air! 

Check out the IDO3D_UK gallery creations on Instagram. The instructions are easy to follow and it takes a bit of practice with the pens to start doing your designs. Raiden has really enjoyed following and making the designs. He has enjoyed practicing with them and has so far made a few designs. This would make a great present for a crafty boy or girl this Christmas. I expect it to be on quite a few Christmas lists this year. 

RRP - £24.99.

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