Monday, 29 August 2016

Popcorn Maker Review From Savisto

As a family one of the things we love to do is cosy up on the sofa and watch a film together. It's one of the cheapest and family oriented things we do. There is always one problem though... Popcorn!! One likes salted and one likes sweet, so I'm always having to buy different bags. So when the new company 'Savisto',  got in touch with us. The first thing I spotted was this shiny vintage metallic red popcorn maker. 

Savisto specialise in homeware and kitchen accessories with a focus on modern, innovative, cooking and meal prep accessories for style-conscious homeowners. There are lots of new products being launched soon. 

 I've tried the whole popping corn in the pan and it was awfully wrong so I normally just tend to buy the bags you ping in the microwave. I've never really looked at popcorn makers before and I've always thought them to do very heavy and bulky. So I was very surprised when we got our delivery as it was the total opposite. It's so light and small. 

The popcorn maker is so easy to use and the kids can even use it and make there own popcorn while I'm supervising. You simply fill the lid with popcorn, add it in to the base of the maker. 

Add the lid back on to the top ( otherwise the popcorn with start to fly). Pop a bowl under the funnel then hit on by the switch on the side.  Then within around two minutes the popcorn will air pop and start to come out the funnel, warm and ready to eat. Add a bit of sugar or salt and your popcorn is ready to eat. 

Perfect for a low calorie healthier snack no need to use oil or butter as the popcorn is popped by using hot air. There is something very therapeutic about watching the popcorn start to pop then magically start to go crazy and multiply. 

The popcorn maker also comes with six red and white striped, cinema style popcorn boxes.

RRP- £23.99 

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  1. Ohh! That looks fab! In the long run it will be much cheaper making your own rather than buying it x