Friday, 5 August 2016

Peppa Pig - Princess Peppa's Enchanting Tower Playset

I don't think anyone who has a 5 year old or under, there little ones who don't have an obsession with Peppa Pig. Lexie loves to watch the show and is still a big fan. She loves little houses where she can role play with figures. So we was very excited to be sent the 

Princess Peppa's Enchanting Tower Playset for Lexie to review. 

We have had quite a few of the range in the past and they have lasted though both of the children playing with them. The Playset is of a good quality, quite thick plastic. It has a little lock on the side so all the contents stay locked inside and it's easy to carry to and fro wherever you want to play. 

The set has for rooms to explore and make your own fairy tale adventures with Peppa pig. The set comes with a Princess Peppa figure, which you can buy the additional Royal figures too.

 It comes with a pink four poster bed and little pillow for Peppa to get her beauty sleep. 

You can spin the enchanted mirror so Peppa can see her reflection from rags to riches. 

The door is rotating for extra creative play.

 Plus the window has a cute balconies for Peppa to wait for her prince. 

The steps are a great addition for Peppa to stand on too. 

Perfect little set to encourage imagination play and creative play, a must have for a Peppa pig fan. 

RRP - £24.99

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