Monday, 22 August 2016

Cry Babies Doll Review

Lexie has been in her element this week after receiving a Cry Babies Lala Doll in the post from IMC. There are a selection of three different Cry Babies - Coney, Lala & Lea. We received Lala in her cute mouse onesie the post. We had seen the adverts already on the TV and Lexie had already decided she wanted them all for Christmas. So she got a lovely surprise when we opened the parcel. 

The title really says it all, Cry Babies Lala cries a lot! Give her dummy and a cuddle to soothe her cries. She cries real tears and makes whimpering baby noises, to fill up her tears you simply pull off the back to her head, then there is a chamber you unscrew to fill up. 

Push the button below to see Lala squirt out real tears. If you don't soothe her she gradually gets more angry and more louder. 


Her arms and legs are movable for more playtime fun, you can sit or lie her down. She also comes with her own changeable animal print onesie, the onesie does get very wet while playing. So they will be drying time needed between plays.

Available from most toy retailers priced at £29.99 each.

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  1. Oh, I love this doll! My Niece is 2 next month; this might just be the perfect present :)