Thursday, 7 July 2016

Japan Fun Box

It's always exciting getting something new to try, the kids are always willing to try new things especially if it from a country than is miles away. Japan fun box  is a subscription box that you  pay every month and you have food treats delivered to your door. 

They come in three sizes a mini box which is 5-7 items and starts at $14.99 per month. Then the original which is 15-20 items. The last one is the family size with a whopping 25-30 items included. 

We had a mini box which had a mixture of chocolate, savory and sweets included and had a total of 6 items. I love how you get a little card inside explaining what the items are, it's sometimes hard to work out Japanese candy by the writing as I don't speak it. This to me is a great added bonus as it also tells you want was in the the original box too.

Melty Strawberry was my favorite they had a chocolate base with a strawberry cream hidden inside. I normally hate anything that has a cream center but I really liked these. 

The whistle candy in grape flavour. Is something we have had before and they are a really nice candy type of sweet which the added bonus of being a whistle plus you get a little toy too. 

Pizza potato crisps was very cheesy with a meaty flavour, thick cut crisps and quite a large bag.

Slim Ganko fried potato was little studs of salted potato these was quite tasty and very light. 

Ume-pachi - This was popping candy and it says plum flavour but I'm not sure what flavour it was as it wasn't like the plums we get in the UK. 

Shuwabo - A soft long candy with lemon powder inside and orange coating is really nice, it actually creates a coke flavour mixed together. 

A great selection of items and they went down as a bit hit with the kids. 

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