Friday, 29 July 2016

Shibajuku Dolls - Review

We had a really exciting delivery of the new Shibajuku Dolls this week. I grew up with the likes of Barbie & Sindy, even though they was my idols. I'm always looking for different dolls for her to play with. Lexie has a mixture of Lottie, Monster High, Disney Princesses & even Barbie. 

I'm a massive Harajuku/Kawaii fan already and I collect the Harajuku Lovers Perfumes with the dolls on so honestly I was really looking forward to seeing the doll in person myself. 

The Shibajuku Dolls come in 5 different styles, which are dressed in the latest Harajuku fashions with there quirky style, coloured hair and funky accessories. Each doll has a very unique style and personality that shines though.

The dolls are larger than a standard fashion doll, they come fully posable. They have glass eyes and real lashes. They also come with 4 different hair accessories to share with you and the doll. 

We received Yoko and there is so many little features I liked I loved the two tone pink and purple hair. The silver glitter eyeliner and the cute cat knee high socks. Yoko has became Lexie's new best friend and she has gone everywhere with her. 

Who with you choose from Namika, Suki, Koe, Shizuka & Yoko? 

RRP - £24.99 

Only available in Smyth Toys Superstores

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Ella’s Kitchen - Superheroes to the Rescue!

Last year, Ella’s Kitchen released its range of super scrummy Superheroes range of snacks for kids aged 3+ and today, has upgraded the Smooshy Snacks to single packs! Perfect for days out, lunch boxes and the summer holidays coming up. 

To celebrate the release, they changelled us to channel their inner superhero powers. Superheroes to the Rescue! They challenged Lexie to create her own amazing, super-duper superhero scene and make her own cape. 

She decided on the sealife theme with lots of glitter, stars and hearts. We decided on a beach theme, with our own palm tree, cocktail glasses, Ella’s Kitchen Smooshy Snacks. 

The fruity bars which come in the following flavours. 

Pineapple and Coconut
Raspberry and Mango
Banana and Raisin 

The smooshy pouches come in the following flavours 

Juicy orange and carrot
Strawberry and beetroot
Mango and pumpkin
Apple and cucumber

Monday, 18 July 2016

Look In My Letterbox

I need to make more of an effort to remember what I've had in the week, I've totally forgotten what I've had though this week.

Burts Bee's Full Sample of Lip Tint & The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter. 

Woodland Trust Invite A Tree Party Pack. 

Michael Myers Funko Signed By Nick Castle. 

I also had a replacement Fitbit as my other one has fallen apart in under 6 months. Fitbit are a great company with really good customer service. 

I had a lovely parcel from my little sister this week, who I haven't saw since January as she is working away on a cruise ship. So this was a lovely parcel to get in the post this week. 

Alice Megan

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Japan Fun Box

It's always exciting getting something new to try, the kids are always willing to try new things especially if it from a country than is miles away. Japan fun box  is a subscription box that you  pay every month and you have food treats delivered to your door. 

They come in three sizes a mini box which is 5-7 items and starts at $14.99 per month. Then the original which is 15-20 items. The last one is the family size with a whopping 25-30 items included. 

We had a mini box which had a mixture of chocolate, savory and sweets included and had a total of 6 items. I love how you get a little card inside explaining what the items are, it's sometimes hard to work out Japanese candy by the writing as I don't speak it. This to me is a great added bonus as it also tells you want was in the the original box too.

Melty Strawberry was my favorite they had a chocolate base with a strawberry cream hidden inside. I normally hate anything that has a cream center but I really liked these. 

The whistle candy in grape flavour. Is something we have had before and they are a really nice candy type of sweet which the added bonus of being a whistle plus you get a little toy too. 

Pizza potato crisps was very cheesy with a meaty flavour, thick cut crisps and quite a large bag.

Slim Ganko fried potato was little studs of salted potato these was quite tasty and very light. 

Ume-pachi - This was popping candy and it says plum flavour but I'm not sure what flavour it was as it wasn't like the plums we get in the UK. 

Shuwabo - A soft long candy with lemon powder inside and orange coating is really nice, it actually creates a coke flavour mixed together. 

A great selection of items and they went down as a bit hit with the kids. 

Monday, 4 July 2016

Look In My Letterbox

I've been away for some weeks sorry guys, I'm totally lost my sync the past few weeks and totally lost motivation with everything. Im going to do a quick post with the things I can remember I've received the last few weeks. So be had a few samples and a prize turn up and a few fab review items. 


Japan Fun Box 


Ella's Kitchen Box - Which is a lovely superhero task, so watch this space. 

Limited edition Zelf 


Pantene conditioner

Nutrifiz sport energy boost 

YSL mon Paris sample 

Smashbox mascara 

Dior capture serum 

TRESemme shampoo and conditioner 


Antipodes lime & patchouli cleanser & aura honey mask  

Alice Megan

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Lexie's Weekend Tot Style

Trendy Tot Thursday and Weekend Mini Style with Sarah at This Mama Life have joined forces to bring Weekend Tot Style! 
While I was browsing on sports direct last week for some jeans for myself. I spotted some cute Girls Disney items which was reduced. The skirt was £2 and the dress was £3.25. I picked some some cute strap sandals which are very birkenstock style. A total bargain at £4.99 too. 

This Mama Life

Saturday, 2 July 2016

V- Cube Game Review

With Raiden being diagnosed with Autism a few months ago,  I'm trying to give him the chill out time he needs, but encourage him with different things rather than the computer or his tablet. He would spend hours on them at a time which isn't good for his brain or to develop any stills. So when V-Cubes got in touch I thought this may be an answer to get his brain and mind doing something else. 

V- Cubes is a new generation Rubik's cube type game system. The cubes come in all different sizes 2x2, 3x4, 4x4 and go right up to 10x10. So any age can feel confident with doing an V- Cube. I know a normal rubik cube have always frazzled my head and I've never completed one. 

I wasn't sure if Raiden would take to the V-Cube but he did which really surprised me, the cube itself is more of a curved shape and the motion seems to run smoother and feels much better to hold. 

V-Cubes have the classic coloured cubes but they have different illusions, flags and you can even create your own cubes too. V-Cubes have turned an 80's toy in to a new and improved boredom buster for any age, there is a V-cube to suit everyone young or old.