Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Men’s Health week from June 13th – 19th

Bladder control is always a bit of a raw subject, it happens just as much in men as it does women. 

Recent research from TENA Men has found that a quarter of men said that the worry of urine leakage has stopped them from playing sport and, what’s more, nearly two thirds claim that urine leakage is a taboo subject. Shockingly, we also discovered that nearly one in five men last had a general check-up more than two years ago. All of these factors make this the perfect time to raise awareness about men’s health issues and get men opening up about their health too!

DAY ONE: Always hydrate

Zekolo Infusion Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is imperative for maintaining a healthy bladder and balanced lifestyle. This nifty water bottle contains a compact filter so you can add your favourite fruit to help make drinking water a little more enjoyable.

DAY TWO: Push yourself

Runtastic Orbit: Getting into shape and keeping a track of your activities can be tough, especially for people with a busy lifestyle. However for the gadget guy of today, stay one step ahead with this smartwatch that tracks your steps and monitors your heartrate to help you keep tabs on your daily exercise routine and help you improve further. 

DAY THREE: Look good, feel great!

Below the belt grooming kit: Stay clean and fresh ‘below’ the belt and feel like a dapper gentleman while doing it with this grooming kit. 

DAY FOUR: Fuel up for the day

Oomf! Bench Pressed Oats: It’s vital to have a hearty breakfast to kick start your metabolism and keep you fuelled up throughout the day. With the right breakfast, you can make guilty snacking a thing of the past and give your body the energy it needs to do that 5K run or gruelling circuit class at the gym. 

DAY FIVE: Keep control!

TENA Men Protective Shield: It’s easy for the one in four men who experience urine leakage to always keep control. Locking  in all drips and dribbles with its ultra-absorbent core, TENA Men Protective Shield leaves men feeling fresh and dry, so they are free to carry on with their day. 

DAY SIX: Stay cool and calm 

Anti-Stress deodorant: Always keep your cool in stressful situations – with unique StressProtect actives and Zinc complex, giving you extra protection against sweat. 

DAY SEVEN: Tease your brain

Professor Puzzle brain teasers: While it’s important to keep your body active, make sure to give your brain a workout too. Exercising your brain throughout the day with mini teasers, will keep your mind sharp and your head in the game. 

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  1. We all know that women's health issues are always considered something very important, as they have to give birth and maintain their health. But, when it comes to men's health people are not much interested in it.