Friday, 24 June 2016

Limited Edition Carousel Pony Zelf Review

Lexie has only recently got in to Zelfs even though they are now on their 6th series. I'm was a massive troll fan when I was small and these remind me just of them. I had about 300 of the things in every colour and size. Zelfs are similar with the crazy coloured hair. They come in different animals and there is a huge amount to collect including ultra rare Zelfs too. 

'When the twilight moon is in the sky, Zelfs appear in a secret garden called Zardenia... an enchanted world of magical Fabitats. Zelfs are playful creatures with unique personalities. Each Zelf is totally unique and has a special power that only shines when they are loved.''

We got a special limited edition carousel pony Zelf there are only 400 available and they have to be claimed with Zelf receipts to the value of £30.00 click here to claim

The limited edition carousel pony Zelf is a pony Zelf and is a mixture of all of Lexie's favourite things pink and ponies. 

The hair and tail are pink, while the body is blue and pink on the saddle the base is glitter and very sparkly. The Zelf comes with a blue brush and a horseshoe lucky charm. 

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