Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My Funko Collection.

Hello all, a few people have asked to see what my Funko collection is like. I have got rid of about half of my collection as I really didn't have the room for them all. There is only a few now that I'm after, until they bring some more out to add to my collection.

At the top I have a few Disney, I love the hipster princesses. They look so angry in the face though. I have a 9" Buzz which I picked up pretty cheap about 1.5 years ago now from Amazon. Then I have two 6" Baymax. 

The next shelf is a Patina Predator, Custom painted Predator, a custom NES Jason, a signed Jason Funko signed by Director Sean S. Cunningham & an Unmasked Jason. 

Third shelf we have springe Freddy,  blood spattered Predator, blood spattered Leatherface, signed Leatherface by the late Gunner Hansen & a normal version Leatherface. 

Fourth shelf we have a glow in the dark Deadlite and normal version. Beetlejuice, Ghostface, Regan & Pinhead.

Shelf number five we have Alien, clear Predator, Captain Spaulding, Jason, Pennywise, Normal Predator & Micheal Myers. 

The next shelf we have Will Graham & Wendigo from Hannibal, Twisty from American Horror Story, The Crow, Gizmo and Stripe. 

Shelf number seven, I have displayed is Edward Scissorhands, Freddy, Hannibal, blood spattered green blood Predator, Robocop, Chucky and Sam. 

The next two shelf's are filled with Ghostbusters, Staypuft, slimmer, the echo-1. 

The next shelfs are a mix of different ones, I have the Back to the future ride, Doc, Nightmare before Christmas set, the breaking bad crystal ship and the Frankenstein glow in the dark and his bride. 

I have a collection of Supernatural figures which are my favourite as its the best show ever. 

Then I have a little collection of Billy items from Saw. Including living dead dolls, funkos and figures.  


  1. You have a fantastic collection, you inspired me to start my own collection after finding you on Look In My Letterbox I'm now hooked :-)

  2. I love them all.
    I would live on the supernatural shelf :D

  3. Just amazing! I love seeing all your funkos in your LIML posts and its lovely to see your entire collection