Monday, 2 May 2016

Mr Frosty Review

Ok I've got to admit I was more excited about this review than the kids. I remember having a Mr Frosty when I was younger. He seems to have got a little upgrade and a new look.

 I remember the ice coming straight from his tummy where the new one you have a little draw than you pull out once you have crushed the ice. 

So in the box included is one Mr Frosty with the pull out drawer, two spoons, two bowls, two ice cube shaped trays, one ice lolly maker and a penguin squirter.

So Mr Frosty isn't just a pretty face, he is the gadget to make your own delicious treats, including your own slushes. To make the ice all you need to do is add ice ( leave the ice out for a few minutes first so it's starting to melt. Lift Mr Frosty's hat, add the ice then turn the handle to crush the ice. At first the handle is tough to turn as the ice crushes more it is easier to turn. Put out the drawer add to the bowl, then add the juice/squash to flavour the ice with the penguin squirter. 

 It has been revamped and is now easier for children to use & It no longer comes with unhealthy syrups. You can add your own from home. 

We loved the extra ice cube trays and lolly moulds which have been a firm favourite with the kids already. They have been filled up over and over again. The kids have really enjoyed playing with Mr Frosty, and we have a supply of ice taking over a draw in the freezer already. 

“Find out more about Flair’s range of creative products for children here” 

Mr Frosty is available from the following stores : 

• Smyths 
• The Entertainer

RRP- £19.99

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