Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Look In My Letterbox

I'm so behind on everything at the moment, I hoping to play catch up in the next few days. I have had no time to enter competitions so no wins to report this week. 


I got this long best top from eBay for my holidays. I love a long bright top.

I got Lexie this Minnie outfit, I love the skirt.

My other half accidentally dropped my phone last week and cracked the screen. The next morning I had the blue screen of death, in all fairness the phone was on its last legs. So I got an upgrade to an iphone5s.


Ant Farm from Nick Baker.

Snuggle up blanket from Heat Holders

Bzzagent some yogurts which are syn free on slimming world they came with earphones and a battery pack.

Alice Megan


  1. Love the little Minnie outfit it's so cute, you will need that blanket with the way the weather has been lately.

  2. Loving the minnie outfit! Adorable