Monday, 30 May 2016

Look In My Letterbox

Hi I very one, not much post though this week. I have loads on the way though, which hasn't arrived yet and we are off on holiday next week. I think I'm gonna have to take a few bin liners with me to the sorting office. Whoops! 


Can of Boost think this was a Sopost

Kellogg's free spoon, received on with my name on this time haha.  

Dr Hauschka - Melissa Day cream sample 


Stur Drinks 

Alice Megan

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Interplay Ant World

We are already a huge fan of Interplay's Nick Bakers collection, my son is a bug collector and loves collecting and watching bugs that finds in the back garden. We currently have the bug safari and snail world that we have tested and tried out! 

The ants you can send for from Interplay or you can find some in your back garden. We got sent the species Lasius Niger ( common black ant). 

The instruction guide is a really good source of information it tells you all about the different types of ants  what they like to eat, background information and how to look after your pet. Its actually been very fascinating for bedtime reading. He has been very interested on how the ant move watching them with the microscope and feeding them foods. We have already looked at the other ranges which include, Snail, Worm, Spider, Ladybirds, butterflies  and Triop. There is also a pocket microscope and bug safari kit which are very interesting. The set was really easy to set up following the instructions.

Included in the kit is : 
Plastic ant housing 
2x black out shades 
Scene stickers 
Magnifying box
Feeding pipette
Tunnelling sand  
Guide book

It's been great watching the ants dig and moving around in the ant world and we spotted a larva in the habitat too. Which means some more ants will be appearing soon. 

For children over 5 years of age only. For use under adult supervision. Read the instructions before use. Follow them and keep them for reference. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts that may represent a choking hazard. None of the accessories in this kit should be allowed to come into contact with foodstuffs. 

UK entrants over the age of 18 only.
Entrants will be submitted to the random draw.
Incomplete or Duplicate entries will be deleted.
All times are in GMT.
The giveaway ends at midnight on 19/06/2016 
Blog Owner not responsible for non-delivery of prize.
Entrants must leave a means of contact: either twitter handle or email address.
Prizes must be claimed within 2 days, otherwise another winner will be selected to replace the non-claimant.
The prize is the item featured in the post, and there is no cash alternative.
Please allow 14 days for delivery.
*Ants are not Included* 

RRP - £9.99 

Friday, 27 May 2016

Heat Holders Snuggle Ups Blanket

Heat Holders is the ultimate thermal clothing brand offering a wide variety of products created with the same underlying belief that warmth comes first. Their range has been specially designed to keep you comfy and cosy all year round.

With getting up so early in the morning, then working being so warm. I'm really struggling with being so cold at the moment. The warmer weather came and now seems to have disappeared and I'm back to being freezing again. I will admit I'm normally like a child and I drag my king size duvet to on the sofa when I'm cold, as the kids have a nice warm blanket but I don't. 

Heat holders asked if I wanted to kick back and relax with a snuggle up blanket from the heat holders range. I previously had reviewed some of their socks and the socks I always pop on when I'm feeling a bit cold. The premium fleece blanket come in a zip up bag, so if the warmer weather comes back it can easily be stored safe compacted inside. 

The blanket is huge and can fit myself and the two kids under o the sofa or you can easily wrap yourself in it and be comfy. The blanket has a 1.4 tog rating and the softness makes it more snuggly to feel comfortable. The blanket is of a good thickness and I love the soft grey colour. 

Dimensions: 180cm x 200cm

RRP- £23.99

Thursday, 26 May 2016

To A New Me - Slimming World!

The blog has been very quiet lately and I wrote a post a few months back about not feeling myself, I've been on tablets for a few months and in all fairness I'm so much better but there was always something that was holding me back .... My weight! 

Since having the kids I've struggled and totally like a yo-yo up and down. This time is need to get it off and it to stay off. I decided to give slimming world a try as I lost around 17lbs in 12 weeks last time. Plus with slimming world you never feel hungry as you can eat a fair amount on it still. 

I'm on week 5 and I'm thrilled with my progress so far. I've lost an amazing 13.5lbs, I'm so close to that 1 stone loss. I'm really hoping I can reach that target this week ( weigh in Friday, wish me luck) 

I've also picked up my half a stone award and bronze and sliver body magic awards. Not only have I been eating well I've bought a bike gone on bike rides, walked home from work and trying to hit at least 12,000 steps per day! 

I'm hoping to drop at least 3 stone by Christmas! 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Look In My Letterbox

I'm so behind on everything at the moment, I hoping to play catch up in the next few days. I have had no time to enter competitions so no wins to report this week. 


I got this long best top from eBay for my holidays. I love a long bright top.

I got Lexie this Minnie outfit, I love the skirt.

My other half accidentally dropped my phone last week and cracked the screen. The next morning I had the blue screen of death, in all fairness the phone was on its last legs. So I got an upgrade to an iphone5s.


Ant Farm from Nick Baker.

Snuggle up blanket from Heat Holders

Bzzagent some yogurts which are syn free on slimming world they came with earphones and a battery pack.

Alice Megan

Thursday, 12 May 2016

May Loves & Likes

I thought I would do a round up of some lovely items I have been sent or products that I'm really loving at the moment. 

First up the kids got sent some new snacks from Ella's Kitchen Superheroes Snack range, the children normally have fruit, yogurts or biscuits when it comes to snacks. 

First of all was the fruity bars which come in the following flavours. 

Pineapple and Coconut
Raspberry and Mango
Banana and Raisin 

My daughter actually really enjoyed these, they was just the perfect size as a snack and perfect size for lunch-boxes too. Also if your child doesn't eat much fruit or vegetables, it's quite reassuring they are consuming some fruit and vegetables goodness with these bars. 

The pouches seem to be slightly small for the kids and being 9 & 5 they couldn't get past that they was a smoothie in a pouch not baby food. The pouches come in the following flavours 

Juicy orange and carrot
Strawberry and beetroot
Mango and pumpkin
Apple and cucumber

I actually tricked them both and actually made ice lollies from the pouches and didn't tell them till after they had eaten them *sneaky mommy* and they both agreed that they was actually really tasty. 

Next is the fabulous Surcare Washing Up Liquid. Due to have to wash my hands an excessive amount at work and the place being extremely warm. My hands have become really, really dry the last thing I want is when I'm washing up for them to dry out even more. 

Surcare is formed for sensitive skin and has been dermatologically tested. It comes fragrance free and in recyclable packaging. I generally go for a really strong smelling washing up liquid and that has been the only thing I've missed using the Surcare liquid is there being no scent at all. It's bubbled up great and you only need to use a small amount for the dishes to come out sparking. 

Surcare's Promise

 *We promise not to put anything unnecessary into our products that will irritate your sensitive skin. No enzymes, no dyes, no acids. None of that stuff that other brands seem to think is okay for something that’s going to go next to your skin. Not even perfumes. Even if they’re the nicest smelling scent in the world Surcare laundry products will stay completely fragrance free and suitable for sensitive 
Because in our view nothing smells as good as the 'just-off-the-line' smell of fresh air. And we know that anything we put in that’s not absolutely necessary to get your clothes clean risks irritating your skin. And for us, as the champions of sensitive skin, that simply wouldn’t do. We also promise Surcare will get your clothes outstandingly clean each and every time you wash.

Everyone knows I'm a complete sucker for anything Baylis & Harding  , I absolutely love the brand though and though. My mom got me a lovely gift set and I managed to pick up this snow globe from Amazon, so pretty. 

I got sent some lovely items including a new shampoo and conditioner, the products have coconut oil & extract in to nourish and repair your hair. The coconut scent is amazing on both products. Contains keratin to strengthen and add instant shine. The bottles come in a 500ml bottle which are of a good size. I'm most impressed with the pump action lid, which I think is a god send when you are in the bath, so you don't have to keep opening and closing lids. Both the shampoo and conditioner have worked well with my dry hair, the lather is great and leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean. 

I also received some home items, I'm a massive fan of candles and I often light one every night for the scent and to make it more cosy when I'm reading or have the telly on. We received a jar in pink grapefruit and raspberry, it's quite a big candle ( 300g) with a really sweet and soft scent. 

Next was a French lavender & vanilla bean, this is a pillar little (200g) jar candle that comes in presentation box, it would make a lovely luxury gift. This scent is really mild and something I would use in a bathroom, as it's quite a soft relaxing scent. 

Check out the other available scents out now. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My Funko Collection.

Hello all, a few people have asked to see what my Funko collection is like. I have got rid of about half of my collection as I really didn't have the room for them all. There is only a few now that I'm after, until they bring some more out to add to my collection.

At the top I have a few Disney, I love the hipster princesses. They look so angry in the face though. I have a 9" Buzz which I picked up pretty cheap about 1.5 years ago now from Amazon. Then I have two 6" Baymax. 

The next shelf is a Patina Predator, Custom painted Predator, a custom NES Jason, a signed Jason Funko signed by Director Sean S. Cunningham & an Unmasked Jason. 

Third shelf we have springe Freddy,  blood spattered Predator, blood spattered Leatherface, signed Leatherface by the late Gunner Hansen & a normal version Leatherface. 

Fourth shelf we have a glow in the dark Deadlite and normal version. Beetlejuice, Ghostface, Regan & Pinhead.

Shelf number five we have Alien, clear Predator, Captain Spaulding, Jason, Pennywise, Normal Predator & Micheal Myers. 

The next shelf we have Will Graham & Wendigo from Hannibal, Twisty from American Horror Story, The Crow, Gizmo and Stripe. 

Shelf number seven, I have displayed is Edward Scissorhands, Freddy, Hannibal, blood spattered green blood Predator, Robocop, Chucky and Sam. 

The next two shelf's are filled with Ghostbusters, Staypuft, slimmer, the echo-1. 

The next shelfs are a mix of different ones, I have the Back to the future ride, Doc, Nightmare before Christmas set, the breaking bad crystal ship and the Frankenstein glow in the dark and his bride. 

I have a collection of Supernatural figures which are my favourite as its the best show ever. 

Then I have a little collection of Billy items from Saw. Including living dead dolls, funkos and figures.  

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My Birthday Wishlist

Hi everyone, it's my Birthday next month and I've put together some of the things that I would love to receive.

I would Bobby Funko Pop from Supernatural to put in my Funko collection. 

Intergalactic & Dragon's egg Bath Bombs From Lush, I really love these scents at the moment. I'm totally addicted to any Lush bath bombs. 

The Little Mermaid Pjs From Asda, I love The Little Mermaid so how cute are these. 

Truffleshuffle Blogger Mug, this mug is so cute. 

Jem Vest Top From Truffleshuffle. I used to love Jem, when I was younger. 

Princess Peach Vans, I'm totally in love with this print! 

Skinny dip flamingo bag from Asos 

Monday, 9 May 2016

Look In My Letterbox

Managed to enter some competitions over the weekend, so I hope I get some wins though soon. Had a few bits throughout the week, but not a lot. 


Hyasoft- Instant Moisture Boost. Looking forward to testing this out.



Nessie Soup Ladle - I've wanted one of these for ages. I think I will mainly use it when we have a casserole or a stew.  

My son brought these out of his birthday money, he loves anything to do with bugs. We have been very excited to watch the caterpillars grow. They grow at a rapid speed. 


Chanel Mascara Sample - I haven't a clue where this came from. 

Alice Megan