Thursday, 21 April 2016

Pop In A Box April

I always look forward to my Pop In A Box Subscription , so far we have done amazing well. I love how you can select the pops you would like and don't. Which fits in to your collection. Pop in a box have a thumbs up and down selection, that you choose once you sign up. You do have to keep it updated regular as new Funko's are being released. You can have a 1-6 subscription and it's easy to change each month depending on your budget.  

I didn't get a receipt at the start of the month, so I didn't think I had been matched for a subscription this month. I randomly got an email & I thought I had been matched for 1 Funko.  The parcel came and we got the Barnes & Noble glow in the dark Hulk so my son is really happy this month. 

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