Saturday, 23 April 2016

Look In My Letterbox

Haven't had an awful lot though this week, but I've had some lovely items. 


Charm bracelet from The Charm Works 

Intu Gift Card for a post I did recently


Deadlite and Ash Funko pops more to add to my collection

Pop In A Box subscription for April. I didn't think I was receiving on this month so it was a nice surpise.

Over the knee Boots from Amazon - I've wanted some boots that would for over my large calfs and they are so comfy.


Liz Earle - My favourite thing from Liz Earle. Think this was a Sopost freebie?

Wilkinson Razor - I think this may of been Sopost as well, I'm not totally sure.

Alice Megan


  1. The bracelet is so pretty and of course I love your Pops, the Liz Earle is definitely a SoPost that's arrived really quickly for you.

  2. nice freebies! that bracelet is gorgeous :)

  3. I bet your funko collection is huge now!