Friday, 1 April 2016

Look In My Letterbox

The last few weeks have been dreadful, but this week has been fabulous for post! It's Lexies birthday in a few weeks so I'm getting the last few bits for her. 


Alvin & The Chipmunks goody bag. 


Pop In A Box - Flocked Mutely & Armoured Baymax, How cute are these. 

Unboxed pops from a Funko group - These was being sold at £5 each and I couldn't resist. Rex is so cute. 

Scooter - Lexie has outgrown her other one so we got her a pink flashing one, it's not been built yet. I won a pony scooterheadz a few months back so we will be attaching that too. 

Blog Off T-shirt 

Build A Bear -  Fluttershy /  Princess Celestia . Another two to add to Lexie's collection.  ( tucked away from prying eyes)

H&M Order - Summer bundle for Lexie as she is outgrowing her clothes at a fast rate. 


Tostadora Top - Another great top from Tostadora and I went for a vintage My Little Pony print. 

Kawaii Box


Frankenstein bride top - A subscription page I was on, someone asked if anyone wanted this top for postage so I nabbed it. Can't beat Frankenstein bride, she's cool. 

Alice Megan


  1. Well done on your win, I love those Pops Buzz & Woody are on my wish list. I love love that t-shirt it's awesome !

  2. What a great haul!
    Baymax looks rather shiny!

  3. omg i love everything! need that pony tee!

  4. I love Kawaii box - keep thinking I should order one. And that t-shirt is fab!!!
    Well done on your win too.

  5. Loving all your pops this week I've got the toy story ones on my wishlist!