Sunday, 3 April 2016

Lexie's Weekend Tot Style

Trendy Tot Thursday and Weekend Mini Style with Sarah at This Mama Life have joined forces to bring Weekend Tot Style! I've been so slack will this lately but I've literally just brought a huge haul over the past few weeks as Lexie is really shooting up and having a huge growth spurt. So this is my opportunity to show them all off.
I'm very organised this week & as its the holidays I already had a picture in the week. I think I might do a mini fashion shoot so I will have a pick of a picture for the next few weeks. Lexie has had a major grown spurt and I've spent about £70 on new clothes for her. So she has lots of lovely things to choose from.
This week we have a lovely summer dress from H&M with swallows on. It a really light pink and black. I always buy these type every year for summer as they wash well, have great designs and are only £2.99 each. 

The shoes are ballerina type pumps, with gold heels and toes, these again was from H&M and was under £5 in the sale. Lexie loves girly shoes at the moment and these have turned to her new favourite. 

This Mama Life


  1. I love those style of dresses from H&M! They do such great prints and fit really well. You can't go wrong with £2.99 really! Those pumps go really well and look fab too! Thank you so much for linking up with us and hope you've had a great weekend :) #weekendtotstyle

  2. Ooooo, what a lovely dress and those pumps are adorable!!!! I need to make a trip to H&M soon for Leah's summer dresses, I emptied her wardrobe today as she's shot up too and now needs 5-6 clothing! Thank you for sharing, I look forward to seeing all you bought in your haul #WeekendTotStyle