Saturday, 30 April 2016

Look In My Letterbox

Had a fab week this week, had two little wins. I haven't had a lucky month in all honesty, so I need to enter a few more this week.


Lava Shell home kit from Twitter

Nescafe original coffee post it notes.  


We got a lovely bundle of Ella's kitchen products. 

Mr frosty - So excited about this one 

Baylis and Harding - I'm so excited about these new candles and shampoo & conditioner. 


SpongeBob Funko - He was really cheap on eBay. 

Custom Harley Quinn flats from Claire's creations 


LancĂ´me energies de vie liquid moisturiser sample 

Alice Megan

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A New Adventure!

Hello everyone after my recent troubles. I've decided to get myself fit and healthy this year and loose some weight. I recently started slimming world and it's been a huge shock to the system. I did slimming world a few years back and lost around 17lbs in 12 weeks. I feel really confident at the moment with it. I received some Items from Discount Supplements, online protein products to help me along on my journey.  The idea is so swap for some of the items I'm using at the moment in my diet with the following items that was sent. 

The items I received was : 

-          Buff Bake Almond Butter
-          Sweet Freedom Chocolate Orange Shot
-          Walden Farms Calorie Free Fruit Spread
-          Copura Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I'm going to start with the Copura Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Not only can you use this for cooking Cold in place of butter or oil.  It's also a great Moisturiser for Skin & Hair. I've been currently using it on my hair, as my hair has got really dry, it's so much better after just two uses with the coconut oil. I also made a lovely sugar scrub too, see below for the recipe.  

Homemade Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

I used half a mug of light brown sugar use granulated white sugar and more if you want a really rough scrub. 

Half a mug of coconut oil.

The juice from an whole orange.

Mix together really well, then use once its bath time. The oil absorbs into the skin maying it really soft and smooth. 

The Sweet Freedom Chocolate Orange Shot is really low on calories, and makes you feel really naughty and it's great to use for hot chocolate, ice cream sauce or even to mix in with your morning porridge. At only 1/2 a syn for a teaspoon, it's become my new naughty treat.

Every now and again I love a piece of jam on toast. Walden Farms Fruit Spread is completely Calorie free and only 1/2 syn per teaspoon it's a great way for have a treat when you are waiting what you eat. Made with concentrated fruit extracts and natural flavors, but no calorie, fat, carbs, gluten or sugars of any kind. 

The Snickerdoodle almond butter is exactly what you want it to be - a delicious treat that is HEALTHY. This nut butter is the perfect combination of roasted almonds, all-natural whey protein and chia & flax seeds. With 11g of protein per serving. 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Look In My Letterbox

Haven't had an awful lot though this week, but I've had some lovely items. 


Charm bracelet from The Charm Works 

Intu Gift Card for a post I did recently


Deadlite and Ash Funko pops more to add to my collection

Pop In A Box subscription for April. I didn't think I was receiving on this month so it was a nice surpise.

Over the knee Boots from Amazon - I've wanted some boots that would for over my large calfs and they are so comfy.


Liz Earle - My favourite thing from Liz Earle. Think this was a Sopost freebie?

Wilkinson Razor - I think this may of been Sopost as well, I'm not totally sure.

Alice Megan

Friday, 22 April 2016

The Charmworks Review

I have a number of charm bracelets and I love how every charm bracelet tells a little story, it's totally unique to that person and some of the charms have a sedimental meaning. On my 30th birthday I was given a huge surprise from my other half. We had been together around the 10 year mark and he hadn't proposed yet. I'm quite traditional so I wanted him to do it not me. I was surprised when he produced a bracelet box, rather than the small ring box I was hoping. Until I opened it up. Inside was the letters "Marry Me" with a little ring charm on. He took his time but he did it in style and it's my favourite piece of jewellery.

The Charmworks got in touch and asked if I wanted to review a bracelet and some charms. I had been wanting an everyday bracelet for a while. At The Charmworks bracelets start from a mere £13 and charms from £2.76. So something for everyone's budget a classic gift and timepiece for someone special. 

I wanted something a bit special so they engraved a name tag with the kids birthdates on, one on each side. Which gives it a lovely personal touch, the tags start from £4.55 with free engraving included. They have a great range of different sizes and shape tags, so you could get a number of different styles to add on to your charm bracelet. 

I also received a lovely fairy, love, wish charm which is like three charms in one. Then a lovely unicorn charm. I love anything mythical and it brings out more of my girly side. The Charmworks range is massive and there is so many charms to choose from, if you are looking for something for a special day, a charm bracelet would be a great choice. 

The brackets and charms are all sterling silver and you can browse online at over 2,000  charms for bracelets including a large range of clip on charms and silver beads all available for next day delivery in the UK.

Check out my little wishlist of charms which have caught my eye. 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Pop In A Box April

I always look forward to my Pop In A Box Subscription , so far we have done amazing well. I love how you can select the pops you would like and don't. Which fits in to your collection. Pop in a box have a thumbs up and down selection, that you choose once you sign up. You do have to keep it updated regular as new Funko's are being released. You can have a 1-6 subscription and it's easy to change each month depending on your budget.  

I didn't get a receipt at the start of the month, so I didn't think I had been matched for a subscription this month. I randomly got an email & I thought I had been matched for 1 Funko.  The parcel came and we got the Barnes & Noble glow in the dark Hulk so my son is really happy this month. 

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Look In My Letterbox

I've really loved my post this week, I've had a mixture of lovely items. Plus I've got a lovely giveaway for you all. 


A bundle of kitchen goodies from Discount Supplements  - Buff Bake Almond Butter,  Sweet Freedom Chocolate Orange Shot, Walden Farms Calorie Free Fruit Spread &   Copura Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


These are the second parcel of games I won a while back which turned up this week.


Judith Leiber - Amethyst - Eau De Toliette perfume, which was £14.50 with a discount code.

Funko Keyrings - Doctor Who ones are extra, as I got them for a little giveaway.

I absolutely love Saw and I got a custom piece from Creepies.

I had a discount for this Mermaid swimsuit from Amazon, Lexie is actually off to a pirate themed party and she won't do anything pirate. So we decided on a mermaid.


A little Benefit sample.

Alice Megan
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Friday, 15 April 2016

Kawaii Box Review

We was so thrilled to be asked to receive the new Kawaii box. It was Lexie's birthday on Wednesday and I knew she would be very excited to open a mega cute box with lots of girly items included.

If you aren't familiar with Kawaii Box  it is a monthly subscription box with 10-12 hand picked Kawaii items. Every month they send you a box filled with a carefully selected mix of unique Japanese and Korean Kawaii cute products. The cost is $19. 90 with free shipping, which works out around £13.00 GBP. I actually think the price for this box is extremely cheap and free shipping is always a bonus as it comes all the way from Singapore. 

This month we got a pretty impressive 11 items. I like the mixture of wearable, stationary and food items. Most of the items are everyday use and are very cute and girly.

The first item out the box is this panda sleep mask, perfect for the brighter mornings. 

The wonderful space bubble pet stickers are so great and Lexie loved the bright designs. 

I loved the always smile notepad, I recently joined a slimming club so this will be handy to keep in my bag with a record of what I've eaten throughout the day. 

The happy mind pet facecloth is a very handy and practical item and looks great in the bathroom. 

The chunky blue bracelet is great for summer coming up. 

The emotion keyring is my favourite emoji and will look great on my keys. 

Chutty eraser that smells like orange, I remember having ones when I was younger.  

Cute Kawaii password lock.

Bear fine tip pen, in a lovely blue colour. 

The food item this month was a chocolate novelty making kit which looks really good, can't wait to get making these. 

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