Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lexie's Weekend Tot Style

Trendy Tot Thursday and Weekend Mini Style with Sarah at This Mama Life have joined forces to bring Weekend Tot Style! I've been so slack will this lately but I've literally just brought a huge haul over the past few weeks as Lexie is really shooting up and having a huge growth spurt. So this is my opportunity to show them all off.
I popped in to Primark a few weeks ago, I've not shopped there for over a year now as the one in Birmingham always looks like a jumble sale. It didn't look two busy so I popped in and came out with two bags and £75 lighter - whoops! I got a huge amount for what I paid and if the kids grow out of them fast then at least I've not forked out a huge fortune.
I asked Lexie to pick her favourite item from the bag and she chose this cat summer dress, the quality seems pretty decent and it was only £2.50. Even if she only wears it a few times it's still a bargain.

The shoes are her favourite at the moment. Lexie calls them her Katie Perry shoes and she absolutely loves them. They was from Claire's Unique Creations . We actually have a matching pair!


  1. Excuse me while I run off to Primark to find that cat dress, how adorable is that?! I'm so excited to see more of what you have bought. How cute are your matching shoes too. So lovely! Thanks so much of linking up with us and hope you had a great weekend :) #weekendtotstyle

  2. I love that you have matching shoes! Beautiful cat dress x #weekendtotstyle

  3. We have this dress too! Considering it was so cheap its worn and washed really well. Love those matching shoes! x