Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Raspberry Pitchfork - Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and NOW is the time to concoct the perfect tipple to help charm your way to Valentine’s Day success. Think sweet but strong, not ‘dull and done it before’ with this refreshing take on a Vodka based cocktail from Heartsease Farm.

Out with boring old Prosecco and Champagne (yawn). Instead, arouse your Lady Valentine’s senses with the sharp tones of Framboise, Vodka & Heartsease Farm Traditional Lemonade. Held together with the reassuring sweetness of Raspberries.
Don’t be left disappointed this Valentine’s day. Seize the day! Impress your date with this sweet, yet punchy, Valentine’s Day tipple that is sure to get romance blossoming. 

Muddled raspberries
30 ml Vodka
10 ml of Framboise liqueur
A drop of Absinthe
90 ml Heartsease farm traditional lemonade
15 ml of lemon juice
Finished off with a slice of lemon

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