Sunday, 28 February 2016

Strada Kids Menu At The Mailbox

In half term we got invited to Strada at the Mailbox in Birmingham, to test out the new menu and for the kids to make pizzas with the Strada chef and children designing and making their own. 

 The restaurant group has listened to their customers and understands how important it is for parents to provide a quality, delicious and affordable meal for the whole family. Strada’s Head Chef, a parent himself, set out to greatly improve the new kids menu; now serving up dishes like baked fresh market fish, made-from-scratch veggie risotto and higher welfare British steak. Also including starters such as veggie sticks with tomato sauce and the side option of green salad with every kids’ main, plus juice or milk to drink. 

 The day started off with the kids making there own pizzas, a selection of toppings was available for them to use to design. Lexie and Raiden both had loads of fun and both choose totally different toppings. 

 Lexie's Pizza - She went for a bit of a meat feast with ham, pepperoni and one random carrot.

 Raiden's Pizza - Raiden was slightly more creative with his full of colour, ham, mushrooms, cucumber, carrot, pepperoni and cherry tomatoes. 

 Our starters was delicious and the kids has the vegetable sticks with a homemade tomato sauce and I had the bruschetta. 

 I felt a bit left out so I ordered the Margarita pizza it was delicious, full of flavour and the portion size was huge.

 The kids both decided on the Chargrilled 6oz British steak with fries.

We had a fab time, hanks for the invite Strada.

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  1. We regularly get the kids to do their home-made pizzas and it's amazing what varieties they come up with - we just put the options on the table and let them do what they want - never any leftovers after eating (except some toppings which are put in the fridge) as they seem to enjoy eating what they have made and chosen :( so none for me!!!!
    (Spencer Broadley)