Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Look In My Letterbox


Organix Cereal Bundle - This is being added in to a hamper for a family member. 


Gaga perfume - This was at a discount price for a honest review. It's a unisex perfume and nothing like her other one. 

Birthday Card - Lexie's Birthday Card for her birthday in April. 

Pill Box ( rather random) but I'm forgetting to take my meds & vitamins, so this hopefully will get me to remember. 


Garnier Ultimate blends from Bzzagent

Package from my Sister. She is working on a cruise ship for the next six months and this package is all the way from St Lucia. 

Alice Megan


  1. I fill in all the surveys and never get anything from bzz! What's your secret?

  2. Always love your hauls Tina ! great prizes and of course I have pop funko envy :-)