Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Surcare Review Panel - Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid Review

Last year I was accept on the Surcare review panel. I'm the one with the allergies to different washing powders, there are a few branded ones I use. I've tried a heap of different ones and they all seems to flare me up. 

Surcare is a fragrance free, non biological, dermatologically tested and approved laundry product range. Contains no dyes, enzymes or acids, Surcare products have nothing to irritate skin which makes this the perfect laundry product for me and my family. 

They have a massive range of dispensing methods of powder, liquid, gel and sachets from there range. They sell a fabric softener and a washing liquid for the dishes. 

I normally go for the strong smelling powders and I love the clothes to smell fresh and clean. Surcare hasn't got anything added so there really isn't a scent at all. I added a few drops of essential oil to the tray, which made the clothes smell really nice. 

I normally always wash on a 30c wash and Surcare got most stains and grubbiness out of the kids clothes compared to my normal powder. I did soak a few of my daughters items before hand in Surcare and it seemed to get them out. 

So far I haven't had a reaction to Surcare and iv been really pleased with the results of the Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid. 

Surcare range starts from £1 

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