Friday, 22 January 2016

Pop In A Box - January

First Pop In A Box of 2016 - Yay! I went slightly crazy last year with buying every Funko pop going. I've had a real sort out and I've sold about 1/3 of my collection. I want to focus more on certain ones, than just buying loads of random ones. There isn't much more that I'm now after that aren't coming up very pricey for my own collection. I'm going to add more of the kids wants to my Pop In A Box Wishlist for their collections now.

The month though there was two for my collection. First Pop was The Master from The Strain. He is huge, even though he fits in a normal box. I really liked the show and I thought he would fit in really well with my horror collection. 

The second was another pocket pop tin, I think this is now my 7th tin from them. I got the other Horror pocket pop last month so I'm so happy with this set too. They are so small and adorable. 

Again another super month from PIAB 

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