Monday, 25 January 2016

Look In My Letterbox

Had quite a few buys turn up this week, had no wins or freebies though sob. I haven't really won any competitions for a while, even though ive been doing a lot. Just not found the time to do as much as I normally do at the moment.  :-( 


Hamster ball & mini Cage for when I'm cleaning the new hamster out 

Sports Direct Coat - Won a voucher via there page but had to pay £4.99 for postage which isn't bad for a coat. 

Funko Pops - These are custom ones which I picked up quite cheap for the kids birthdays. 

Funko Supernatural Sam keyring 


Peppa Pig construction set from Character Toys. 

Alice Megan


  1. I love these posts, please never stop doing them! :D It must be my inherent nosiness!

  2. Hope some prizes and freebies arrive for you this week, I'm having a slow January prize wise as well, still a nice haul though :-)

  3. I'm having a super slow january competition wise too! Lovely post this week as usual