Sunday, 17 January 2016

Look In My Letterbox

Another successful parcel load this week had quite a few buys that have arrived 


Bomb Cosmetics - I've heard people rave about bomb cosmetics, so I decided to buy some in the sale as I think the most expensive one was about £1.15. So they was very cheap. 

Jason Funko pop - I don't have many delivers of Funko Pops as I've managed to sell about a third of them and I'm concentrating on the ones I have. I saw this Custom of Jason in the NES colours and thought he would go well with my collection. 

Boots Sale Order - When I went online at 4.30 for the sale there wasn't a lot left in all honestly. I managed to pick myself up two perfume sets for £12.50 each and Lexie some gift sets for her birthday and next Christmas.  

Harajuku Lovers Purse And Bag - I'm a huge Harajuku Lovers fan and I couldn't resist these on eBay for under £10 for both. 

Pop In A Box Subscription 


Galaxy Reads Books & Galaxy Chocolate 


Loreal Mascara (Bzzagent) 

So post mascara 


Shaver And Razor ( Ive won two of these now and they come in rather handy) 

Alice Megan


  1. After months of drooling over your pops I've finally subbed to pop in a box - totally your fault!
    Great post this week very busy thanks for linking up as always with #LIML

  2. I totally want to sub to PIAB too - you may have fuelled my addiction!