Sunday, 31 January 2016

Look In My Letterbox

Another great week this week, lots of parcels received to open.  


Monster High Magazine 

Krays Behind Bars Book 


Beanies Coffee Pack - They had an offer for £10 including delivery with their new coconut flavour.

Billy Living Dead Doll - I know these are not everyone's up of tea, but ive been after this doll for around 8 months now and i finally got him at a decent price off eBay.

Water Bottle For The Hamster 

Bought And Sold Book 


Max Factor Lipstick from Sopost 

Go Ape Vouchers From A Lovely Friend, Raiden is off to Go Ape for his Birthday.

Alice Megan

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Peppa Pig's Construction Set - Grandpa Pigs Boat

Lexie is a massive Peppa Pig fan so we was delighted to be sent a new construction set from the character toys range. Lexie at the moment is still a bit small for Lego and big for mega blocks. She loves to construct and build things using her imagination. 

We got sent a lovely Grandpa's Boat , the blocks are in between Lego & Mega blocks, so they are perfect for little hands too. 

The blocks came in a clear bag with paper instructions, which was easy to follow. Lexie enjoyed matching up the pieces to the instructions and building Grandpa's boat, she did need a little help putting it together. We did it as a joint activity together. It was great her reading instructions, matching up colours, shapes and sizes. Problem solving and using her hand and eye coordination to finish the task. 

She loved decorating the boat with the extra stickers, the boat is bigger than I thought it was going to be and has been Lexie's favourite toy to play with. 

The construction range is fantastic and prices start from £9.99. Check out our favourite pieces from the range. 

Grandpa's Boat - RRP- £19.99 

Monday, 25 January 2016

Look In My Letterbox

Had quite a few buys turn up this week, had no wins or freebies though sob. I haven't really won any competitions for a while, even though ive been doing a lot. Just not found the time to do as much as I normally do at the moment.  :-( 


Hamster ball & mini Cage for when I'm cleaning the new hamster out 

Sports Direct Coat - Won a voucher via there page but had to pay £4.99 for postage which isn't bad for a coat. 

Funko Pops - These are custom ones which I picked up quite cheap for the kids birthdays. 

Funko Supernatural Sam keyring 


Peppa Pig construction set from Character Toys. 

Alice Megan

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Firmoo Glasses Review

I've needed some new glasses for a while, I've been slightly embarrassed to wear my current ones out in public. So I can delighted when Firmoo  asked if I would like a new pair to review. is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. Years of expertise in optical industry enable to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices. Based in the Untied States prices start from £12.18, which I think is fantastic for a pair of glasses. Some sunglasses from the high street cost more than that to buy without a prescription pair. 

I normally go for quite plain colours but I've wanted more bolder pair for ages so I decided to go out my comfort zone and choose a quite bold pair. The site is very easy to use and my glasses was ordered within about ten minutes. I loved the virtual try-on where you upload a picture of your face and you can try different frames on the picture, so it gives you an idea of what they will look like. 

You can also easily upload your prescription, it saves your prescription information for future purchases which is a quick and easy way to make sure all details are correct. 

The glasses came packed in a lovely map design case, which I thought was lovely. Again I've always had quite plain cases in the past so it's nice to have something usual. 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Pop In A Box - January

First Pop In A Box of 2016 - Yay! I went slightly crazy last year with buying every Funko pop going. I've had a real sort out and I've sold about 1/3 of my collection. I want to focus more on certain ones, than just buying loads of random ones. There isn't much more that I'm now after that aren't coming up very pricey for my own collection. I'm going to add more of the kids wants to my Pop In A Box Wishlist for their collections now.

The month though there was two for my collection. First Pop was The Master from The Strain. He is huge, even though he fits in a normal box. I really liked the show and I thought he would fit in really well with my horror collection. 

The second was another pocket pop tin, I think this is now my 7th tin from them. I got the other Horror pocket pop last month so I'm so happy with this set too. They are so small and adorable. 

Again another super month from PIAB 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Look In My Letterbox

Another successful parcel load this week had quite a few buys that have arrived 


Bomb Cosmetics - I've heard people rave about bomb cosmetics, so I decided to buy some in the sale as I think the most expensive one was about £1.15. So they was very cheap. 

Jason Funko pop - I don't have many delivers of Funko Pops as I've managed to sell about a third of them and I'm concentrating on the ones I have. I saw this Custom of Jason in the NES colours and thought he would go well with my collection. 

Boots Sale Order - When I went online at 4.30 for the sale there wasn't a lot left in all honestly. I managed to pick myself up two perfume sets for £12.50 each and Lexie some gift sets for her birthday and next Christmas.  

Harajuku Lovers Purse And Bag - I'm a huge Harajuku Lovers fan and I couldn't resist these on eBay for under £10 for both. 

Pop In A Box Subscription 


Galaxy Reads Books & Galaxy Chocolate 


Loreal Mascara (Bzzagent) 

So post mascara 


Shaver And Razor ( Ive won two of these now and they come in rather handy) 

Alice Megan

Saturday, 16 January 2016

A Night At The Movies

Movie nights at home are a huge part of what we like to do when it's cold outside. Nothing beats, snugging on the sofa under a blanket with the whole family. Warm popcorn and lots of lovely snacks to share. Spending some chill out time and winding down together. 

Gracewell are a care home provider, and believe that every single one of their residents – and families – have individual needs for both their level of care and for the life they want to live. Movie nights are a regular event at one of their many care homes where Gracewell actively encourage residents’ families to attend.

Gracewell sent us a lovely pack of the new Jurassic world DVD, retro sweets, snacks and popcorn. Everything me needed for a movie night in. I was a huge fan of Jurassic park so I was really looking forward the watching Jurassic world. I always found dinosaurs really fascinating. I loved the adaptation of the modified Indominus‍ Rex, he was a clever fellow. 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Surcare Review Panel - Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid Review

Last year I was accept on the Surcare review panel. I'm the one with the allergies to different washing powders, there are a few branded ones I use. I've tried a heap of different ones and they all seems to flare me up. 

Surcare is a fragrance free, non biological, dermatologically tested and approved laundry product range. Contains no dyes, enzymes or acids, Surcare products have nothing to irritate skin which makes this the perfect laundry product for me and my family. 

They have a massive range of dispensing methods of powder, liquid, gel and sachets from there range. They sell a fabric softener and a washing liquid for the dishes. 

I normally go for the strong smelling powders and I love the clothes to smell fresh and clean. Surcare hasn't got anything added so there really isn't a scent at all. I added a few drops of essential oil to the tray, which made the clothes smell really nice. 

I normally always wash on a 30c wash and Surcare got most stains and grubbiness out of the kids clothes compared to my normal powder. I did soak a few of my daughters items before hand in Surcare and it seemed to get them out. 

So far I haven't had a reaction to Surcare and iv been really pleased with the results of the Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid. 

Surcare range starts from £1 

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Look In My Letterbox

Hi guys, had a super busy week this week again. I've had so much though this week it's been a little unreal. 


Union Jack cooking glove - I got this from eBay for under £5 as my other one was literature falling apart and quite dangerous to use.

Divider plates - Raiden has been extremely picky about foods touching or on each other so I got these for under £2 from eBay.


Hamster treats

Firmoo glasses

Movie night in bundle


My current Fitbit has fallen apart twice now, Fitbit have fantastic customer service and have sent me another one to replace the broken one. I've been so lost without my Fitbit.

Shaver and foam from Sopost - This is a fabulous freebie you can never have too many razors and these are quite expensive.

Sure from Bzzagent - I use sure normally so I'm excited to see what this one is like.

YSL Touché eclat foundation samples


I won a bundle of Games in December and they turned up this week. Think I'm going to save these for Raidens birthday in February.

Cinema tickets from Citroen

Scooterheadz to add on to a scooter, we are getting Lexie a new scooter for her birthday so this will be a great add on.

Alice Megan