Monday, 7 December 2015

Slimfast 7 Day Challenge

I was really thrilled to be asked to do the Slimfast 7 day challenge. I used to do the Slimfast diet about 8 years ago. Anytime I was about to go on holiday I used to switch to the shakes and be able to drop a stone on a few weeks. 

The plan itself has changed quite a lot I remember there only being the shakes and bars, now they have a whole line of snacks. Slimfast sent me a 7 day box which included six ready-to-drink milk shakes, eight meal bars, seven chocolate snack bars and seven packs of tasty savoury snacks. All these was conveniently packed and easy to pop in to your bag ready for on the go. 

On the plan you can enjoy three snacks, two meal replacement products and one balanced meal a day. There’s also a host of free weight loss tools and helpful information on our SlimFast website including lots of yummy recipes. 

If you have been following my Instagram, then you would of saw my breakfast, lunch and snack Slimfast posts. The meal replacement bars are very heavy and at first it took me a long time to eat it all. I'm used to quite a light small cereal bar in the mornings, the Slimfast bars did manage my hunger better and the snacks all was really nice. I decided to add some fruit in with my snacks as I was really missing it.

I kept my meals simple to keep in line with the kids and overall the plan was really easy to follow. The ready to go shakes taste so much better than the powdered ones you make up yourself in the tins, they seem thicker and sweeter. 

I've lost 4lbs in a week on the Slimfast plan and it's given me a huge Kickstart in to getting back in to shape and motivation I needed. 

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