Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Japan Candy Box Review & Giveaway

Both the kids are huge fans of YouTube and watch some wacky videos. One of their favourites is to watch people eating different countries foods and sweets. My son wanted to test some sweets from around the world, so when Japan Candy box got in touch he was thrilled. 

Japan Candy box is a subscription box which delivers between 8-10 Japanese candy and snacks every month for $18.20. ( which works out just over £12). We was thrilled with the selection for this month and we all have our favourites. Some of the sweets and snacks you can make out by the pictures what they are but as the writing is in Japanese it's literally a surprise every time.

The only item I had heard of in this months box was Pocky, which are biscuit sticks with a chocolate covering.

We had some mango chewy sweets.

Some pink hard candy which doubled up as a whistle and had a mystery box with a toy dinosaur in.

Some biscuits with cream inside.

Panda biscuits with a chocolate filling

Some grape flavoured gummy sweets

Fruit flavoured jelly beans

Sour hard candy balls

The kids was so excited to open the box and try out all the goodies. We have decided we are going to do this a regular thing and get a few boxes from all around the world.

To win your own Japan Candy box follow the rafflecopter link below.  

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  1. I follow you on Facebook as Keri Jones but I pressed enter by accident & I think it's Keri Jo or something in the rafflecopter, lol x

  2. What a top prize love to win this

  3. Great prize my teenage daughter is obsessed with Japanese culture she would love this Thanks x

  4. I’m completely enjoying as of it and that I have you ever bookmarked to ascertain out new stuff you'll post