Sunday, 15 November 2015

Look In My Letterbox.

I had an email last week to say how much someone liked my " Look in my letterbox posts " and amazed how much stuff I get every week. These little messages and thoughts keep me going doing my blog and I'm really happy people like this weekly post. I want to thank Alice for holding a great linky every week. Lots of exciting things in the post this week. 


The Imaginary Book

Chocologic Chocolate 

Restaurant vouchers for a blog post I did 

Christmas dragon DVD 


Two games Gewhizz &  Rattle Me Bones 

Sensory Miffy 


London print Camera case

Amazon order - Monster high set, Dove set & Lego

Geek box welcome box 


Head and shoulders samples 

Valsper paint trial from mumsnet 

Alice Megan


  1. I got those Head and Shoulder's samples through this morning - I have absolutely no recollection of sending for them though! Any idea where they're from? Funnily enough I also won a Rattle Me Bones game, but it's a bit old for my little one, so it's going in the loft for a future Christmas!

  2. Ohhh hello welcome geek box - I have a pac-man as a bottle opener, the one in your photo would go so well with it...... GeekBoxIssues ;)

    Brilliant haul as always x

  3. Aww yay!
    I'm so glad people are enjoying reading the LIML posts and I love you joining in every week
    Thanks for joining in as ever