Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Horror Block - October

This is actually my last Horror Block, I cancelled due to them just being so but and miss. They started off ace and sort of just go up and down. This months was awesome and I really wanted to cancel on a high ( if that makes any sense at all) 

My main bug was the DVDs that seemed to appear in a lot of the boxes I haven't watched any of the previous ones yet. They are just gathering dust a bit like the books too.

This month we got a Chucky plush which will go well with the Jason plush we got a few months ago. 

Jason T-shirt which is pretty cool, only problem it's brown. I may use this as a bed shirt. 

Dario Argento Dracula DVD  

Cryptic Collectables Book

Ouija Mousemat 

Gallery Guzu Print - awesome print with lots of famous characters on.  

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