Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Eat Happy Project- Let’s Cookalong With Tesco

We was thrilled to be asked to join in with Tesco's Eat Happy Project which are a selection of videos to get children cooking and busy in the kitchen. I don't cook much with Lexie at home normally, unless it's the more simpler things like cakes. The Tesco Eat Happy Project, working with the Children’s Food Trust, launched an exciting new online cooking series called Let’s Cookalong over summer. 

New videos were released each week over the course of the six-week summer break, showing how to make a whole host of tasty recipes, designed for parents and children to easily follow together.

Each week, Let’s Cookalong followed a different theme including Picnic, Italian, Moroccan, BBQ, Indian and Baking, with helpful prompts like ‘pause’ to make sure nothing is missed. Supplementary videos will also teach essential kitchen skills such as chopping and grating.

We got to test out the Indian Theme and chose the Rogan Josh & Pilau Rice recipe. 

Lexie was really excited to get cooking with me and it's something I'm going to more together with her. She enjoyed helping me chop up the vegetables and stirring food in the pans. The video was really easy to follow and I like how you can just pause it while you carry on. Lexie liked this feature and she enjoyed making sure all the items was there and following what was happening on the screen.


The videos are something we are going to go back to and try another one as they was so easy to use and useful. The Recipe Cards are a great bonus to use as a shopping list for you and the little ones too. 

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  1. The Eat Happy Project is fabulous. It's the first time I know of such cooking videos for kids that's so easy to follow. It's very meaningful to teach kids kitchen skills too. Some parents shelter their kids so much that they might not even know how to handle a knife. Thanx for sharing this!

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