Monday, 23 November 2015

Breakfast With Santa At Brewers Fayre this Christmas

On Saturday we got the chance to go to a Brewers Fayre at The Guild In Birmingham to have Breakfast with Santa. After a very late taxi and a lot of tears as Lexie thought Santa would of been and gone by the time she got there. 

Every year we take the kids to see a Santa and I absolutely hate it. Last year we queued for an hour paid £6 each for them to literally get a photo and a minute of santa's time before the next lot of children are rushed in. Despite the tears and moaning waiting, everything is forgotten once the visit has been and done. I don't find the visits very magical myself, but we do them every year to keep the magic alive for the kids.

Brewers Fayre have Breakfast with Santa the weekend from 5th December between 10am and 11.30am. Included is breakfast and a play in the play area, with a colouring in Beano card and a present from Santa if you have been good. ( Beano Annual) 

The staff was really friendly and you could help yourself to the continental breakfast and drinks while you was waiting to have your meet with Santa. 

Each table was called up and you had as much time with him as you wanted, there was no rushing and the Santa really engaged with the children, with comments " like haven't you grown since last year" really talking and listening to both of them. I think it's the first time ever that the kids have ever had a conversation like that and Lexie was utterly thrilled with it all. She hasn't stopped talking about it since. 

Santa asked her to save him a sausage so Christmas Eve she now wants to leave a sausage and milk for him. He was a great Santa and I think it's one of the best we have seen, a decent suit, a real bead and one which you can tell he enjoys giving the children he sees the magical moments that come true for them. Santa even came and had a little play in the play area too, once everyone had finished their breakfast. 

The breakfast has a huge choice of different continental items, I don't think I've saw a range that big before. I've never saw crumpets on a continental breakfast before and they are one of my favourite things to have for breakfast yum! 

We want to say thank you for the magical experience this year and the invite to Breakfast With Santa. We have already planned to go back to The Guild for a day over the Christmas period. 

If you want to book your Breakfast with Santa this year then check here for the website.

Breakfast with Santa is priced at £8.99 per child, which I think is a great price for all the treats you get. 

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  1. It is really nice to know that some companies and staff go to such lengths to make the visit to Santa special. After reading your review, I have now decided that we will be visiting Santa at Brewers Fayre next month at our local place near Epsom.
    (Spencer Broadley)