Tuesday, 6 October 2015

New Jelly Juice - Perfect For School Lunch Boxes

Last year we reviewed some of the fantastic Jelly Juice, check the post out here

They have since had a new makeover and reduced fruit sugar and the jelly juice is now gelatine free. So it's suitable for everyone and is more healthier than before.

 Raiden does a sports session on a Tuesday after school so I've been packing a Jelly juice in his lunchbox for then. The texture itself is smoother and it tastes just like a thick drink rather than a lumpy one. The pouch style is great for lunch boxes or on the go, as you can open then seal them back up without them being bulky and taking up lots of room. 

Comes in the following yummy flavours. 

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  1. We haven't had these before, may have to see how Max gets on with them - he's a bit of a fan of a squeeze packet so we're off to a good start :)