Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My Truffleshuffle Wishlist

I could literally spend a fortune on Truffleshuffle's website they have such retro quirky things that I adore. I've made a little Wishlist of all my favourite items on there.

My Little pony and Rainbow Bright Jumpers, 80s themed toy top ( I had most of these toys growing up. I love these supergirl pjs, labyrinth and she-ta tshirts. I'm a sucker for a printed t-shirt! 

Check out this Hetty mug, I need a mug for work and I think this is the mug. Peanuts post it notes are mega cute perfect for little to do lists. Etch a sketch necklace is pretty cool and would look great with a chunky knit cardigan. The bunny cotton wool dispenser is so cute, perfect for a dressing up for table. Pop tarts lip smacker is always good to have in you handbag. Then the Heisenberg bath salts are a fun item. 

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