Sunday, 18 October 2015

My #HiddenGems Of Birmingham

I've been born and bred in Birmingham and it's such a great place to find hidden gems. Even living here for over 30 years I'm still finding great places to eat and go in the centre of Birmingham. 

I've been asked by Travelodge to write about a hidden gem in my city so I'm managed to narrow it down to two great restaurants that the food is totally incredible and if you are ever in Birmingham you should check it out and a place that is always been the heart of the city. 

I really couldn't do it his post without mentioning this place it's such a huge part of Birmingham.  Everyone should at least go to Cadbury World at least once, its one of the most famous things we have here in Birmingham. It's fun for all ages, there is learning about the history of chocolate you get a peek inside some of the factory and there is lots to see and do there. The school holidays there is normally extra activities involved too. 

If you are looking for an Indian Restaurant then Lasan is your place to go. I'm gonna put my hands up and stay I love Indian food, but I generally make it myself at home.  Lasan is very close to the Jewellery quarter it's literally a hop, skip and a jump. I have actually heard of Lasan before as i'm a huge Gordon Ramsey fan, I know he voted Lasan Best Local Restaurant in the UK in 2010. When he was touring with the F Word. Lasan also won the Asian Business Restaurant of the Year 2013. The restaurant itself it very charming, lovely decor and it's quite small and intimate. The staff are extremely friendly and the food is incredible. 

If you are looking for are looking for something rustic and chic then The Botanist is your place to go it's on Temple Street in the heart of Birmingham's city centre. The Botanist is also very famous for fantastic cocktails and it's also a cocktail bar plus a great place to eat. It's super child friendly too, so it's a place to take the kids which some fabulous presented dishes to get the children excited about there food. 
The place itself has a very rustic feel, buckets made in to lampshades and lots of other cool stuff dotted around. The staff was extremely friendly and great coming to and fro to the table. When arriving the kids was given a map and pencils to colour in to keep them entertained which they waited to eat which is always a great touch. The menu is impressive which lots to choose from.every child's meal that is sold 25p gosh to Birmingham's children's hospital. 

In collaboration with Travelodge 

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  1. i live in Brum too and i haven't been to any of those places (yet!)